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Be PhActive: 55 Day Challenge Gives You A Reason To Try New Activities


Be PhActive: 55 Day Challenge Gives You A Reason To Try New Activities


There are many types of blogs in the plus community and we try to shine a spotlight on the ones we find interesting, inspiring and/or just plain bold. We also always try to help share the story of people who help encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle and thrive in their curves. So without further delay, here’s a submission from a new blog Be PhActive! In just a matter of a few weeks I’ve seen this blog grow and Chontel is participating in a variety of activities that it makes me want to try some in my area. What is this concept actually all about? Well, the creator of the term Chontel Parker explains below.

100 Happy Days, I’m so……, and numerous challenges have been keeping Facebook abuzz recently. That’s when it hit me, how about 55 PHAcTive days? What is PHAcTive you might ask? The concept of being PHAcTive is based on the premise of being PHAT and active. It is my personal choice to be plus sized, but even more importantly, I strive to be healthy (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, etc…), even at my current size. By no means am I promoting being “fat”, but rather loving yourself, in ones current state and doing what’s best for your overall health and well-being.


Not only is PHAcTive a portmanteau of the phonetic spelling of fat (phat) and active, but PHAT is also an acronym. To be PHAcTive means to:

  • Be Positive and take Pride in all that you do!
  • Be Healthy (e.g., mentally, physically, and spiritually)!
  • Be Active and Adventurous!
  • Be Totally committed to being the best you that you can be!

Originally, my idea was to do things just as random as my personality. I love trying new things; therefore I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to find 55 things to do or appreciate. As I look back over my life, I realize that I have participated in some fun recreational activities, and have had some dynamic experiences, but as I look forward, I see the plethora of experiences that have yet to be fulfilled. 55 PHAcTive days just gives me a reason to try 55 PHAcTive things. When I think about being PHAT, I think about the aforementioned traits. By being PHAcTive, I’m just putting those characteristics into motion.


One thing I believe in is individuality, my PHAcTive may not look like your PHAcTive and yours won’t look like mine. Being PHAcTive is also about starting where you are and doing what you can or love to do. My PHAcTive may be some type of adventurous activity, trying a new food, reading a new book, or just doing anything that’s good for my overall state of well-being, whereas your PHAcTive may be taking a five minute walk because physical activity is not something you are accustomed to. And on the other hand, your PHAcTive may be way more rigorous and intense than my PHAcTive because your level of fitness goes beyond mine. It could be as simple as appreciating a little thing in life that may often be overlooked, taking time to enjoy the “simple things” that are often overlooked. I don’t care whatever you decide to do for your 55 PHAcTive days as Nike and my friend says, “Just Do It!”

So, how about doing a challenge that contributes to your overall health and well-being? The challenge (because seemingly people like challenges) is to share your 55 PHAcTive days and to challenge friends to participate too. I plan on trying the many things that I have thought to try in the past, but failed to do so. I’ll be sharing my 55 PHAcTive days via my blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Now again, our PHAcTive may not look the same, or even begin at the same time, but own your 55 PHAcTive days. In addition, just like in the childhood song Punchanella, have your friends, family, even foes do it too.

Don’t forget to share your 55 PHAcTive days via fb and instagram at Be Phactive using #55phactivedays.


Follow and support Chontel at and her Facebook page Congrats Chontel and we wish you continued success in thriving in your curves.

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