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Plus Model On The Rise: Shennetha Grant From New Providence Nassau, Bahamas


Plus Model On The Rise: Shennetha Grant From New Providence Nassau, Bahamas


Meet Shennetha Grant, an aspiring plus size model from New Providence Nassau, Bahamas.

Many of you are aspiring plus size models and to give you an inside look at what it takes to be a model, each month we introduce you to plus models on the rise.

How long have you been modeling and when did you realize you wanted to model?

Shennetha:  I’ve been modeling for about (5) years and I was a very creative child writing music and performing, always wanted to be apart of anything dealing with entertainment. From being a part of drama clubs I truly gain a passion for fashion from helping make the garments to the photography to the behind the scenes work that goes into making a show or shoot come together I loved it all. When I started to look at it as a form of art and started to see photos of plus size models like Mia Amber Davis, Fluvia Lacerda, and other models like them making a successful career out of this and sites like yours and many others, giving tips for aspiring models like myself, I began to set up model accounts online after my first shoot I was hooked and knew that this was something I wanted to pursue.

What do you love most about the plus size modeling industry?

Shennetha: What I love about the plus size modeling industry is the fact that it gives me the opportunity to do what I love, being able to meet new people, traveling, learning and growing in my craft with new experiences is a plus. Besides all of that, I must say what I love most about the plus size modeling industry is that it’s showing that AMAZING fashion can be represented above a size 12 and that it will be in abundance, easy to obtain, and that the curvy full figured woman can and will be in mainstream fashion.

How would you describe your personal style?

Shennetha:  Well, my style keeps evolving, but I like to joke around and say my style is comfortable chic. Being a Caribbean girl my personal style is more of a bohemian style that I like to glam up every now and then.

What has modeling taught you about yourself?

Shennetha:  What modeling has taught me about myself is simply how assertive and confident I can be without forgetting to be humble. Whether I’m doing a photo shoot our runway internationally or here at home or something as minor as going on an outing with not so familiar faces that I can leave a positive impression when I enter and or exit a room which is something I stay conscious of.

What are your modeling goals?

Shennetha:  There are many goals I’ve set for myself as it pertains to modeling. I want to join other plus models I look up to in showing the world that beauty is really skin deep and comes in every size. Also to continue to grace as many shoots and runways on a larger scale world ]wide, to use my modeling to dabble in a little of everything the entertainment field has to offer, but most of all I would truly love to become a household name in the industry.

Are You A Plus Size Model On The Rise?  Visit this link HERE, and send your submission to [email protected]

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