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Expressive International Plus Size Fashion In One Central Location


Expressive International Plus Size Fashion In One Central Location

Eurostyle Carries Multiple Designers For Plus Size Women


We all long for the day when our shopping needs are condensed into one fashionable space.  A day when instead of perusing through multiple websites to find that one special item, we’re capable of visiting one website where we’re greeted by several designers that make clothing just for us.

Eurostyle is the latest company to bring many of our favorite designers together for an inclusive shopping experience.

Eurostyle came into existence by way of a self-professed fashionista.  Frustrated with the styles offered to women who were looking for stylish clothes that were only offered in smaller sizes, Euro Styles, founder made it her mission to bring select European fashions to the States.  Eurostyle carries clothing from Yoek, Gozzip, Mat, and Deluca, among others. While carrying multiple designers isn’t a novel idea, it’s an idea that never gets old.

Take a look at their Spring/Summer Lookbook and tell us what you think. 

Eurostyle's 2014 Spring/Summer Lookbook

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