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The HauteList: 10 Plus Size Maxi Dresses (With Sleeves)


The HauteList: 10 Plus Size Maxi Dresses (With Sleeves)

You’ve Been Asking For It, So Here It Is….. Plus Size Maxi Dresses (with sleeves)

Maxi with sleeves.jpg

Although it’s almost summer, everyone isn’t looking for the perfect sleeveless maxi dress. Since March, we’ve been sharing plus size maxi dresses with you. Many of them have been sleeveless. Although you don’t mind showing off your arms, many of you have asked us to feature plus size maxi dresses, with sleeves.

Depending upon which city you’re located in and your city’s climate, it’s totally understandable that you would want to keep your arms warm.

From flowy summer caftans to comfortable dresses with capped sleeves, here are 10 plus size maxi dresses (with sleeves) that will help you keep the spring chill off.

Are You A Maxi Dress Wearing Diva? How Do You Like Your Maxi? With Or Without Sleeves?

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