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Inbox Chronicles: The Editor’s Of Discuss The Term ‘Plus Size’ In Fashion


Inbox Chronicles: The Editor’s Of Discuss The Term ‘Plus Size’ In Fashion

Plus Size Or Not. Find Out What Our Editor’s Think About The Term


Eliminating the term “plus size” has been a hot topic lately. It seems like every other month, it’s up for discussion. Over the year’s we’ve shared our thoughts through various articles, but never have the Editor’s had a conversation about the topic. Although the focus in the media is on the term being used in the modeling industry, we’ve decided to discuss from retail/fashion standpoint, so here it goes.

Stephanie Penn (Editor-In-Chief): Lately, there’s been a lot talk about eliminating the term plus size in modeling. Personally, it doesn’t bother me, especially in the fashion world. What are your thoughts?

Cassandra Jones-McBryde (Features Editor): I’m actually grappling with the term.. Although extended sizes infuriates me.. curvy seems to represent only the figure 8 women and excludes other body types also it shouldn’t just represent women of a certain size.

Stephanie: I feel you, but denouncing a word that so many women identify with is going to take more than a few bloggers writing about it. If not plus size, then what do we call the section in Macy’s where we shop?

Cassandra: I think there shouldn’t be any difference.

We need to try more when it comes to fashion. For me, I will go to the plus section for a skirt and travel to the other side for a mini skirt that I will make into a tube top. I think the division stagnates our fashion sense and creativity.

Tamara Marlene (Associate Editor): To me the distinction doesn’t bother me. I mean you have men’s and big & tall. It doesn’t offend men. Why does it offend women?

Cassandra: I think it may offend more of them than we realize

Tamara: Not to say I know a million plus size men, but I’ve never run into or dated one that had issues with the term.

Cassandra: I have….

Tamara: What’s the goal of eliminating the word. How will we know where we can shop because the elimination of a word isn’t going to force all stores to carry all sizes.

Stephanie: That’s a good point. So with that being said, do you this argument is spearheaded by women of a certain size and of a certain style of dress and age?

Cassandra: They aren’t forced now anyway. Those that carry those sizes should state the range. That’s it.

All stores should state the range. Just like grams of sugar on these jelly slices I’m eating.  I want to know if it has what I want!  I don’t know really.  I think it may be more fashion forward people who are growing tired of the back of the store..

Stephanie: I think that those outside of the fashion industry may not realize it’s being discussed.  I know this is going to sound harsh, but although I support integration, I honestly don’t see any concrete benefits of integrating the fashion industry at this time.

Cassandra: I have friends who don’t put it in the same phrasing, but say I’m sick of the term.

Tamara: My question is what are we gaining?  In picking your battles wisely, we have other fights to finish.

Limarie Lewis (Curvy Confidence Editor): Hi ladies! I know I am late responding to this, but I really think the term plus-size is okay. It helps me to know exactly where I want to go when looking for something to buy without wasting a whole lot of time when I am in a rush.

On the other hand just like Cassy stated it does also kind of get in the way of fashion sense and creativity. All in all I am very sick of just being limited to smaller areas of one store and if I want something really cute having to opt for online shopping.  I want to try my stuff on and not have to always wait for it.

So what do you think. Are you a fan of the idea of eliminating the term ‘Plus Size’ or do you even care?  What term do you prefer?

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