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See How This Woman Is Celebrating Her New “Ugly” Body


See How This Woman Is Celebrating Her New “Ugly” Body

Love Yourself & Your Body Before, During & After Weight Loss


Last month we shared a story of the untold issues that may arise when you lose a large amount of weight. The story brought up that due to excess skin, shopping for clothes and even being comfortable in this new body/skin can be a bit of a task.

This month we’re sharing another perspective on the issue.


Andrea Matthes has lost 164 lbs and has excess skin too. The difference is, this writer talks of eventually embracing her new “ugly” body and appreciating the new things she can do.  Andrea took things a step further by blogging about her appreciation in the article, 10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body which can be found on the website, I’m Perfect Life.

I decided that it was time to REALLY celebrate what my ugly body CAN DO rather than focus on what it looks like… or doesn’t look like,” shared Andrea. So I asked my friend Emily, the amazing photographer at Southern Star Photography, to take some pictures of me DOING the THINGS I have NEVER, EVER…EVER in my entire life… not even as a kid (with the exception of the cartwheel) have been able to do until now. So here you go! Today I am celebrating what my body is capable of doing because of the lifestyle changes that I’ve made and the hard work I’ve done in and out of the gym.”

Both stories are about acceptance. We cannot stress enough how important it is to love yourself including your body. This should be before, during and after weight loss. Don’t focus on the numbers on the scale. Appreciate the things you can and have done. Remove the box and start living life.


Now that’s thriving in your curves!

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