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What A Success! The Health & Empowerment Mother’s Day Symposium Was Inspirational


What A Success! The Health & Empowerment Mother’s Day Symposium Was Inspirational

Live-2-Empower was created by two women with one goal- EMPOWERMENT!

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Me and my partner, plus model & Health & Wellness Editor of Plus Model Magazine, Yve Edmond came together to create Live-2-Empower because “Curvy Confidence & Health & Wellness go Hand in Hand”. The name is a combination of our names LI + VE (Live) and also embodies our purpose driven desire to inspire, support, educate, uplift and EMPOWER other women and young ladies.

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We were blessed to have what I like to call our “Power 7 Panel” of Guest Speakers which included Editors, models, bloggers and even Reiki Healers. The day was set up as a day of relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit and began with an intimate candlelight yoga. After all the stress that me and my partner endured from putting together our first event and making sure everything went smoothly even up to the last minute, it felt amazing to finally sit down and focus on our own breathing in unity with our guests who we are sure needed a day for themselves as well. As we practiced our breathing and stretched our bodies into poses directed by our instructor, I could only feel thankfulness well up in my spirit. The many things that had been weighing me down prior to the event were starting to lift and I enjoyed our instructor as she carefully tended to each one of our needs with modifications and even a word of encouragement to push our bodies further even while she stood behind some of us. The type of Yoga practiced at our event was Vinyasa, which means “breath synchronized movement” this form of yoga like many others, helps both the mind and body to relax and allow energy flow throughout your body. For many of us, this was our first time practicing yoga so the modifications helped as well as the intimate atmosphere.


After our relaxing yoga class we headed into our lounge room for light refreshments & giveaways.

Next it was time for our curvy Activewear show sponsored by Katie K. Active & Lane Bryant & Lane Bryant’s $150 Gift Card Giveaway, which by the way was won by Madeline Figueroa Jones! The models came out strutting their curvy confidence into our lounge area where there were women of all ages checking them out and getting inspired to get their fitness on. Some of our guests shouted, “Oooh that is cute!” and I even heard my mom say “Yeah, I like that one right there!” which made me smile because I know she doesn’t think much about Activewear. It felt good to see how far fashion had come for plus sized women in the Activewear department, some of our guests had no idea it had come so far! Hey, who says we can’t look cute while working out too?!


After the express fashion show our guests and speakers headed into our conference room to engage in a very casual empowerment round table discussion. One thing that stuck with me was words from Plus Model Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Madeline Figueroa Jones “At the end of the day, when the makeup is gone, we are all just women.” As each speaker spoke, I could feel that healing was taking place for a lot of us; some of us cried while others listened and commented…. this was a moment of REAL TALK. All in all one thing we realized more than ever was that it is important to focus on the good in all situations, stay grounded in reality and surround yourself with good people who will uplift and inspire you. As models, bloggers, editors, moms & women it is easy to get caught up with the fast-paced & competitive nature of our society, but as women the only way we will begin to EMPOWER one another is when we learn to love ourselves, heal from within and UNITE.


I am happy to say, thanks be to God that our Health & Empowerment Symposium was a success! I look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Daily Venus Diva, Stephanie Penn & Valery Amador, Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Figueroa Jones, Katie K Active & Lane Bryant.

Thank you to our “Power 7 Panel” Speakers & Guests: Madeline Figueroa Jones, TavyDay, Colleen Stovall, Tiffaney Porter, Stacey Hiett & my Live-2-Empower Partner Yve Edmond

Special thanks to our beautiful models: Vanessa Hinds, Barrett Rosser, Sue Isham & Angie De Milo

Thanks to Our Photographer & Vendor:

  • Beth Revere-Lincoln – Empire Photography
  • Vanessa –

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