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15 Beauty Hacks Every Diva Must Know!


15 Beauty Hacks Every Diva Must Know!

Beauty Secrets That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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I live for beauty hacks! Beauty hacks are nothing more than tips and tricks to help you save time, money or hassle when you are on the go! I have a ton that I use every day, but the following are some of my favorites and a few new ones I have yet to try!

1.) Accidentally broke your lipstick? Use a blow-dryer on a warm setting to melt your lipstick back together while molding it with clean fingers and place inside the freezer over night.

2.) Want Long Lasting/Moist Matte Lipstick? First moisturize your lips for 5 minutes with a lip balm then tissue off. Line and color entire lip with a lip pencil, then use lipstick on top. You can also put on your lipstick, take apart a sheet of toilet paper and place on top and dust some translucent powder on top of the sheet of paper, remove and re-apply lipstick.

3.) Need a Strong Hair Tie? Cut up old stockings at the thigh area and there you have it. You can make your hair ties, thick or thin, I do this all the time since it’s fast, cheap and doesn’t cause my hair to snag. It also has a lot of stretch so you can pull your hair as tight as you want.

4.) Use your mascara as eyeliner: All you have to do is apply the mascara very close to your water line or use and angled brush to dip in your tube of mascara.

5.) Want to camouflage cuts, bruises or cellulite? Use BB Cream! BB cream is very moisturizing and offers coverage and sunscreen, not bad when you are in a fix.

6.) Want longer, more voluminous lashes? Apply a coat of mascara, then use baby powder with an eye shadow brush to dust on top of your lashes before re-coating with mascara, BAM!

7.) Want beach waves without a wand curler? Separate your hair in four sections and twist each section and use a heat protectant and a flat iron. A heatless alternative is to use heat protectant spray (which adds a little hold), brush hair into two high ponytails and twist and wrap into two buns, in the morning your hair will have heatless, soft bouncy beach waves.

8.) Ran out of shaving gel? Use conditioner! I like to use Suave; it delivers a closer shave, is cheaper than shave gel and most other conditioners and leaves legs super moisturized too!

9.) Want Intense Eyes? Use a Blow-dryer! You can use your blow-dryer to warm up an old eye pencil that is just too waxy or not as pigmented, you can also use a lighter to do this but a blow-dryer is neater. To intensify your eyes just color the rubber part of your eyelash curler and blow-dry that and let cool first for 15 seconds (please let it cool first) and then curl your lashes! The result, a clean, intense, tight lined upper lid and beautifully curled lashes.

10.) Ran out of eyebrow gel? Use a clear lip balm, it works!

11.) Dry Cracked Feet? Cover your feet in Vaseline and put on socks at bedtime, in the morning your feet will thank you!

12.) Want fuller eyebrows and longer lashes? Apply a little Vaseline to them every night and watch them grow!

13.) Want to make your own lip stain? Use a packet of Kool-Aide and a little water on your finger or brush; trust me that color will not be budging!

14.) If you don’t have eye shadow primer, use concealer!

15.) Keep dollar store tooth brushes handy, these are great for taming flyaways, applying gel to your edges and even teasing your hair.

I love beauty hacks! Do you have any favorites you want to add? Please share! Until next time curvy divas! 😉

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