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A Special Day For Women: Military Spouse Makeover Mission


A Special Day For Women: Military Spouse Makeover Mission

As told by Jewels Hay, Air Force Spouse

Being a Military Spouse can be a bit challenging. We deal with the politics and we have to be strong, and set a good example in front of our children.  We all come from different parts of the world, and we have different views. But the one thing we all have in common is we are supporting our spouse.

Before the journey to "I Say Yes Salon and Spa. (A Flash In Time Photography)

Before the journey to “I Say Yes Salon and Spa. (A Flash In Time Photography)

We are all part of a Military Family and our mission is to keep things positive.

Sometimes some of us can get into funks. We make sure everyone in the house-hold is taken care of; however, it is easy to forget about ourselves. That is one reason I was excited to be able to be apart of the “Military Spouse Makeover Mission.

A spouse from each branch at McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst had been selected for a day of beauty.

A creative bunch of loving people got together with the idea of the “Military Spouse Makeover Mission”.

We started the day with two Vietnam Veterans of New Jersey Chapter 899 leading the train of vehicles on their motorcycles. You could see the America flags on the back of each bike. The spouses felt like special VIP.

As our train of cars arrive to the salon, the staff was outside clapping, to show their appreciation for what our husbands do for our country.

Everyone was personally welcomed and lovely snacks were set out.


“I Say Yes Salon and Spa” came up with the idea of the makeovers for the Spouses. “We are a business in Delanco Township that is blessed and want to be a blessing to others” says Barbara Hall-Bryant

A United States Marine Corp spouse named Priscilla Jimenez, who had seven children said, “I love being able to move with my family to different bases and making new friends everywhere she goes. I asked her if she had any advice to any new spouses marrying into the military. Mrs. Jimenez says “They need to have patience and ask for help when they need it.” Mrs. Jimenez looked very relaxed as she got her hair washed and massaged. She is with child and that will make the family to eight children.

US Navy Wife Kristina Reed said, “It was nice to get a special day just for me to feel special. I don’t have a ton of time to do things for myself. My favorite part has to be the chance to meet some really great women. I always enjoy an opportunity to have some girl time and I feel like I was able to make some really good friends.”

US Army wife named Laura Schuerger was full of excitement. She was so happy to be there and enjoyed her pampering time. She told me how much she enjoyed the Joint Base because she gets to meet other spouses from different branches. Most bases are all Army or all USAF. She said, “At McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst we are all mixed together and I have enjoyed the friendships I have made with some of the other spouses from different branches.”

Laura Schuerger said, “After the day was over I reflected on everything. I was just overwhelmed in a good way. I felt like a queen for the day. My biggest feeling was gratitude!!! To have this amazing family come together and seek us out, just to pamper us for a day was mind blowing.”

“It was great to be a part of a program where the joint base and the community teamed up to take care of a few military spouses that are taking care of so much every day while their spouses are deployed. It felt good putting smiles on their faces,” said Mrs. Penny Randolph, Base Commander’s Spouse.


Janine Blunt Photography

“We want to thank the Vietnam Veterans Of America New Jersey Chapter 899 from Bordentown, who provided a motorcycle escort from The Joint Bases McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey to the Salon for the Wives. This was a surprise to the wives and we are honored that they offered to provide this service for the spouses. We want to thank the businesses that have donated time to make this a special day for the spouses. A special thank you goes out to The Military and Family Support Center and also the base Commander’s wife, Mrs. Penny Randolph, who made this all possible by selecting 5 wives from each branch of the service.

Our special invited guest, James DeMarco, Daytime Emmy Winning Makeup Artist (Link- came to the event full of smiles. He has been beautifying Hollywood’s leading ladies and men for thirteen years. When he was told about the “Military Spouse Makeover Mission, ” he was excited to help bring out the natural beauty that these women have. He had even brought little goodie bags for each one of them to take home. Mr. Demarco is so kind he It is rare these days to find people who wants to help others and not expect to get anything in return. I watched him talk to them about skin care and different tips on makeup application. Mr. DeMarco said ” It was truly an honor to bring joy for a few hours to the military mothers and wives who have sacrificed so much so their men can serve our country. I look forward to working with Ft Dix/McGuire Air Force base on other projects in the future.”


At the end of the event, I asked Barbara Hall-Bryant how she felt it went. She said, ” It was truly blessed. It overwhelmingly exceeded my expectations.”

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