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‘Booty Therapy’ Founder Launches Campaign To Bring This Movement To The U.S.


‘Booty Therapy’ Founder Launches Campaign To Bring This Movement To The U.S.

Booty therapy feeling like a woman without feeling guilty


After seeing our friend and fellow plus size blogger Gaëlle-Vanessa Prudencio dancing her tail off in a video clip I wanted to learn more about the dance that I was witnessing.

It’s called Booty Therapy!

Booty Therapy was created by dancer Maïmouna Coulibaly, and it’s described as a dance that heals through hips and buttock movement.

Booty Therapy has roots in African dances and is inspired by women and society and adds color, structure and a historical and cultural background to dances typically viewed as vulgar.


Stage Paris Mars 2014 #bootytherapy Photos de Damien Godayol

What you need to know about Booty Therapy:

  • Inspired by afro-urban dances, culture and dancehall modernity.
  • The Booty therapy concept is the perfect balance between corporal expressions and movements that highlight their femininity and their differences.

After receiving attention in France, Maïmouna is ready to bring Booty Therapy to the U.S. but she needs our help.

Bringing Booty Therapy to the U.S. is going to cost some money but after looking at the videos, I’m convinced that the investment is worth it.

Take a look at the Booty Therapy clip below to see what the buzz is all about.  When you‘re done looking at the video, visit their Kiss Kiss Bank Bank crowdfunding page to back the project.

If everything goes well expect to see Booty Therapy in the U.S. from August 1st – October 15th.

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