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Body Image: The Truth Behind Those “Before & After” Photos


Body Image: The Truth Behind Those “Before & After” Photos

According To This Woman, Shopping After A 150 lb Weight Loss Isn’t That Easy


I absolutely love this article by Candice Russell. It tells in detail what she goes through in her daily life after losing 150 lbs.

Candice candidly speaks of the difficulties of being comfortable in her new body which includes dealing with sagging skin. She mentions how shopping isn’t as easy as one would think.

The following quote resonates a message we’ve always told our readers and it’s the basis of fat acceptance.  You have to love yourself as the before picture before you transform into the after picture. There isn’t a magic wand that makes everyone love the smaller you and makes everything easier.

Candice shares, “You are the same person you were, just with slightly different packaging. And unless you learn to love the person that you see in the “before,” nobody will ever accept you as an “after.” Not even you.”

We applaud Candice for openly sharing her experience. Do not take this as a reason or excuse as to why one should not lose weight or obtain a healthy lifestyle. As Candice even mentioned, results may vary, but what’s important is to love and thrive in your current curves.

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