Plus Fashion Designer Spotlight: An Interview With Lori Ruffin, Designer Of Sean Anthony Designs

After the Sean Anthony Designs “It’s All About the City” Fashion Show, I had an opportunity to interview Lori Ruffin, plus fashion designer of Sean Anthony Designs.

As the founder and CEO of the Sean Anthony Designs, Lori feels that “You don’t have to be a size 10 to stay in style.” For this reason as well as others, she designs ready-to-wear clothing at a reasonable price point for full figured women of all ages.

Model Colleen Stovall (Empire Photography)
Model Colleen Stovall (Empire Photography)  Tell our readers a little about yourself. Where you’re from, how and what inspired you to focus on plus sizes?

Lori Ruffin:  I was born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey. I truly believe in my motto “You Don’t have to be a size 10…to stay in Style”, that is why I focused on the plus size woman.  What was the most challenging thing for you to overcome on your journey to becoming a designer and how did you overcome it?

Lori Ruffin:  Brand recognition was the most challenging obstacle for me, becoming a household name doesn’t happen overnight. I’m still on my journey.  What is your inspiration when creating?

Lori Ruffin:   I love the constant movement of the city and I’m also inspired by the urban artist.

Photo Credit:  Empire Photography
Photo Credit: Empire Photography  What is one of your favorite things about designing a garment? Do you have a favorite fabric you like to use? Why?

Lori Ruffin:   I love to create and think outside the box for the plus sized woman. I like to find a comfortable fit and feel, fabric that is easy to wear and care for. Most of the fabrics that I use are washable, which saves the consumer the dry cleaning bill.  In one word, how do you want your customers to feel when they wear Sean Anthony Designs?

Lori Ruffin:   Timeless.  Dope collection Lori, thanks for taking time out to interview with DVD! 

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