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Plus Size Pageantry: 3 Reasons Why You Should Enter The Miss Plus USA Pageant Today!


Plus Size Pageantry: 3 Reasons Why You Should Enter The Miss Plus USA Pageant Today!


In just 10 short days, the application process for the Miss Plus USA and Teen Plus USA pageants will end.  That’s the bad news.  Here’s the good news.  If you haven’t entered one of the pageants yet, you still have time.

The Miss Plus USA & Teen Plus USA pageants are accepting applications from unmarried women and teens ages 14-30 wearing a double-digit size!

There are several reasons to enter these one of a kind pageants.  Keep reading to find out why you should enter the Miss Plus USA or Teen Plus USA pageant today!


Some women tend to hide behind their computers instead of allowing the world to see their beauty.  A plus size beauty pageant is a great way to help you come out of your shell.  You can’t be shy and be a beauty queen.  While on the road to winning and after the winner has been crowned, the lessons learned along the way will give you confidence as you begin to speak, meet and express yourself in front of people from various industries and backgrounds.


Whether you’re at work or headed to the mall, you’re always being judged by people.  Learning how to present yourself in public situations is necessary if you expect to grow and be successful in life.  Participating in a beauty pageant will help you refine the wonderful qualities that you already exude and allow you to feel comfortable speaking to large crowds.


In my opinion, meeting new people may be the best perk of all.  Plus size beauty pageants are a great way to meet new people because they encourage women to come together as sisters.  In addition to meeting Latasha Haskins, the CEO & Founder of both pageants, once you’ve made the wise decision to submit your application, you will forever be a part of this amazing sisterhood.  One of the many benefits of having a strong support system is the networking aspect which is necessary for personal and professional growth.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention all of the wonderful prizes that you could win. While the prizes are a great incentive, only one person can win each pageant. The benefits that I’ve listed are available to anyone who is willing to submit their application so what are you waiting for.

Visit today and submit your application to the Miss Plus USA or Teen Plus USA pageant.

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