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2014 March Cover Model: Liris Crosse

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2014 March Cover Model: Liris Crosse

Image Credits:  Photographer- Mackenten Petion/RINY Media , Hair- Dior Sovoa , MUA- Jewell Christina, Dress- Baram

Image Credits: Photographer- Mackenten Petion/RINY Media , Hair- Dior Sovoa , MUA- Joanna Simkin, Dress- Barami

With the current temperature being 10 degrees here in Philly, I was definitely drooling even more over our beautifully bright cover featuring none other than the fabulous Plus Model Liris Crosse.   Aye!  Talk about “In like a Lion!”

There are so many women inspired by Liris’ drive and work ethic in this industry, I for one am one of them.  Huffington Post & Daily Venus Diva noted Liris as one of the most popular plus models and we have seen her everywhere from the runways of British Plus Size Fashion Weekend, Full Figured Fashion Week to Ashley Stewart campaigns. Recently, she was featured in a spread in Plus Model Magazine’s first ever Black Issue with a powerful interview in which she openly expressed the need for more diversity in the modeling industry.

Not only is Liris beautiful inside and out, but her positive attitude and entrepreneurial skills make her a Game Changer in the industry. Let’s get to know Liris a little more!  Tell us a little about yourself, include something that you may have never shared with any of us before.

Liris Crosse:  I am a proud plus model who originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland. I am a supreme optimist & I love to travel. I’m currently in Europe doing a little bit of work and a little bit of pleasure. I always wanted to model ever since I was a little girl. Other occupations I was also interested in were lawyer, hair salon owner and actress.

I’m a “First 48 ” T.V. show fanatic. Yes, it’s a bit morbid but there’s something about solving a crime, putting the pieces of the puzzle together that intrigues me. Therefore I also think I would make a great homicide detective.  How long have you been modeling and has this always been your first career choice?

Liris Crosse:  I have been modeling over a decade I started in high school. It’s my first love and was my first career choice. I remember being all enrolled to start college and then I went to my parents and told them I wanted to move to New York to try modeling. They said that they would give me a trial year and the rest has been history. It’s had its ups and its downs and it has been a slow build but I am thankful that I’m here now and standing proudly!  Was there ever a time in which you wanted to give up on this journey and what helped you to hold on?

Liris Crosse:  There have been many times when I wanted to give up but when you’re a big dreamer like myself you just can’t. My supportive family and friends along with my faith in God has help me to stay the course.  How do you find time to DO IT ALL?  What helps you stay grounded?

Liris Crosse:  Well, thank God for the iPhone! It helps me to manage so many daily tasks and promo things. Although I have an agent and a manager, I am my best promotion and I will always work the hardest for myself. What keeps me grounded is knowing that things can always change and that you want to treat people the way you would like to be treated.  What do you love most about modeling and what words of advice do you have to beginner models?

Liris Crosse:  What I love most about modeling is creating art through hair, makeup, styling & posing that influences someone falling in love with a item to purchase it. I also love women say they feel represented when they see me modeling.

Some words of advice to models are please do your research there’s so much information out there to get started. Also understand that this industry is not easy, you must be strong. I also teach modeling at my Life Of A Working Model BootCamps! They can always get detailed, legit information there. My next Master Class is in Atlanta on March.15th & my new posing class is March.30th in New York!  What does “Curvy Confidence” mean to you?

Liris Crosse:  Curvy confidence means loving the skin you’re in no matter what size you are.  What changes if any would you like to see made in this industry?

Liris Crosse:  I would love to see more racial diversity throughout the modeling industry. We are all beautifully and wonderfully made.  What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Liris Crosse:  The legacy I want to leave behind is that I inspired, I worked hard and that I helped create change within the industry.

Thank you Liris for taking the time to interview with us!  We already see that you are leaving a legacy of change behind and we look forward to hearing more about your Life of a Working Model Boot Camp

Keep on Thriving! #wearecurvyconfidence

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