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Plus Model On The Rise: Nakia Williams From Pennsylvania


Plus Model On The Rise: Nakia Williams From Pennsylvania

Plus Model On The Rise: Nakia Williams From Pennsylvania


Many of you are aspiring plus size models and to give you an inside look at what it takes to be a model, each month we introduce you to plus models on the rise.

Today we meet Nakia Williams, a plus size model from Pennsylvania who is currently signed with MSA Curve. How long have you been modeling and when did you realize you wanted to model?

Nakia Williams: I first attended John Casablancas modeling school in 2002. In 2007 I first began modeling with The Full figured Divas- Stilettos and Curves tour in Maryland doing runway shows.

I realized I wanted to model when strangers, family, and my now deceased brother ( biggest fan) would always say that I was beautiful, and that I look like a model and I should look into pursuing it. But I was in nursing school, newly married, and a new mother at that time, so I put modeling on hold. Once I became a registered nurse, and my family was established, I then pursued my dream of modeling, and I continue to do so. What type of modeling do you do ?

Nakia Williams: I do runway, print, and e-comm modeling at this time. I tried Fit modeling, but I was always too tall for most of those jobs.

image Which companies have you worked with and what’s the best way to find out about castings?

Nakia Williams: I have worked with the Full Figured Divas, Signature Ink Models- MD; Tropical Divas- Va; Sean Anthony Designs- PA; Mano Swartz Furs- MD; Flaunt Model Management- NYC; Full Figured Fashion Week 2012- NYC; Curvy Closets; Plus Night Out 2012; Ashley Stewart

I found that the best way to find out about castings are on Facebook, Instagram, Model Mayheim, Curvy magazines, and sometimes craigslist. What are your thoughts about diversity in the plus size modeling industry?

Nakia Williams: Diversity has changed a lot since I first began modeling. I believe diversity is being accepted more and more as evidenced by the many different nationalities I’ve seen in fashion shows, modeling campaigns, fashion magazines, and clothing websites. I have worked with so many different nationalities these past 7 years, and I just love how we are all being accepted and embraced in this industry.

image-1 Describe your personal style when you’re not modeling?

Nakia Williams: My style is simple and classic with a hint of afro centric. I love to wear my TWA ( teenie weenie afro), with big earrings. I love skinny jeans, with a cute shirt and blazer, with pumps or a bad pair of boots… What has modeling taught you about yourself?

Nakia Williams:It has taught me that my curves are sexy and that my size is being accepted more in today’s society. It has also taught me that I have a gift that can help other females like myself love the body that they are in,and being plus size is a beautiful thing. Last of all it has taught me that I had a hidden gift of make up artistry. I found this out from being a model in several fashion shows that I had to apply my own make up, due to there not being enough make up artists or there was not enough time to do my make up. Therefore I had to beat my own face, in which I did very well. I wanted to develop this newly found skill and become great at it, so I became a Certified make up artist in 2011. Now I love to Beat faces as well as model!

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