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Plus Model On The Rise: Vanessa From New Jersey


Plus Model On The Rise: Vanessa From New Jersey

Plus Model On The Rise:  Vanessa From New Jersey

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Photographer: Myahdellese Jones | MUA: Tanaya Johnson | Styling:  Nanthale Collins

Many of you are aspiring plus size models and to give you an inside look at what it takes to be a model, each month we introduce you to plus models on the rise.

Today we meet Vanessa Hinds, a plus size model from the NJ/NYC area.

How long have you been modeling and when did you realize you wanted to model?

Vanessa:  I have been modeling for almost two years now. My mom was a straight size model in her early years and I was always in awe of her beautiful photos. She used to always tell me I could be a model, but I always felt I was too big. My confidence just wasn’t there. When my husband asked me to marry him I decided that I wanted to lose some weight prior to our wedding day. Through a healthy diet and exercise I lost about 60 lbs., taking me from a size 24 down to a size 16. I felt great and felt healthier than I had in years! I had a new found confidence so I decided to give modeling a try.


Photographer: Myahdellese Jones | MUA: Tanaya Johnson | Styling: Nanthale Collins

Which companies have you worked with and what’s the best way to find out about castings?

Vanessa:  I have worked with Eddy and Bri, Curvaceous K, Sense of Style Boutique, and Everything Curvy and Chic in their print campaigns. I have also walked on many runways including FFFWEEK 2013 where I had the pleasure of walking for designers and retailers such as Ashley Stewart, ZMJ Denim, Onoz, and Kaylene. Some of my other favorite designers to work with have included Qrystal Frasier, Marco Hall, and Nicole Nolan for Elocin Plus.

In terms of finding castings for plus models, I recommend being heavily involved in social media. Designers, magazines, retailers, and other models are always posting upcoming castings. Do your research and find out who’s who in the industry. NYC Plus Model Network run by Joy Ashley on Facebook is an excellent resource for up to date model castings.

What are your thoughts about diversity in the plus size modeling industry?

Vanessa:  I think diversity is key in the plus industry and I feel it is moving in the right direction. Consumers want to see images of models they can relate to when they open up a magazine or a catalogue. The fact that now we are seeing women of different ethnicities and sizes in print is a great thing- but we should be seeing MORE. Support the brands that support you. Ashley Stewart and Monif C. are great examples of this. You will see models of different ethnicities and of bigger sizes in their ad campaigns.

Photographer: mjonesimaging  MUA: Tanaya Johnson Styling: Nantale Collins

Photographer: Myahdellese Jones | MUA: Tanaya Johnson | Styling: Nanthale Collins

What has modeling taught you about yourself?

Vanessa: Modeling has taught me many things about myself. I have learned that I have a tougher skin than I thought I did. In this industry there will be many “no’s” before you get that one “yes.” You have to be prepared to be rejected and/or critiqued. This is where self confidence is very important.

I have also learned the importance of humility. It will take you a long way to always be professional, courteous and friendly to all the people you will encounter in this business. You never know who you might meet so it is always important to stay humble and appreciative of all the opportunities that come your way whether they be big or small.

To find out more about Vanessa, visit her on Facebook.

Are you a Plus Model On The Rise?  Send your bio to [email protected] for consideration. 

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