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Manly Must Haves: 7 Items That Every Guy Should Own


Manly Must Haves: 7 Items That Every Guy Should Own

I know what you’re thinking. Why is featuring products for men? Good question. Sure, our focus is on women but the men in our lives could always use a little help also. Because we enjoy helping the fellas out, we’ve created our list of Manly Must Haves. Consider this a clothing guide for men, featuring everything from suit separates to sneakers. Although our list doesn’t include everything that a man needs to have, it’s a great place to start.


Every guy needs a great pair of sneakers and if you can score men’s footwear made using quality and durable materials then you’re winning.

Grooming Set

Men have been pampering themselves for as long as I can remember and there’s nothing like seeing a well groomed man. You could have on the most expensive suit known to man. But, if you’re not groomed, that custom made suit that you spent so much money on will go unnoticed.

Brown Suede Boots

This is a no brainer. Boots are the most versatile shoes that a man can have in his possession. They’re not only functional but they can be worn to the office or a bar. You can’t go wrong with a classic ankle-length boot.

Suit Separates


Every man needs a suit but suits can get pretty expensive, especially if there’s an eleven inch drop in your measurements.  When you have a special occasion to attend, try a suit coat or a pair of suit pants. Colors like black, navy and grey work every time.

Brown Leather Dress Shoes

Black is so basic so why not go for a browner shade. In this classic shoe you’ll look like the smartest guy in the room. Like the brown boots, they can be dressed down by wearing them with a pair of jeans or you can add a blazer for a more pulled together look.


A solid v-neck sweater in cashmere, wool or cotton is one of the most versatile items that a man can own. Sweaters are a lightweight seasonal layer, easy to wear over a tee or a sport shirt.

A Leather Watch

You can never have too many digital devices and that goes for watches. Even if you depend on your cell phone for the time, nothing says I value my time and yours like a classic leather watch.

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