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Fancy Footwear: Dare To Cross The ‘Alepel’ Line


Fancy Footwear: Dare To Cross The ‘Alepel’ Line

Fancy Footwear:  Dare To Cross The ‘Alepel’ Line

Just because it’s not spring yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t start preparing ourselves for warmer weather, snowless roads and contemporary footwear.

Allow us to introduce you to Alepel, a high end shoe collection for the daring, versatile plus size woman who remains elegant and simple.  Each shoe from this collection aims to offer an aesthetically pleasing design, while finding the perfect balance where simplicity meets sophistication.




About the company:

“Alepel,” derived from the German words “apfel” and “baum” meaning “apple tree,” the fruit that tempted woman and influenced the original sin, emphasizes a daring collection for the modern woman. Alepel will be found in stores all over the US. From modern and contemporary styles to sophisticated, classic and feminine styles, Alepel is the go-to for the fashionista shoe fanatic.

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