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Get Back On Track: 5 Easy Tips for Healthier Curves


Get Back On Track: 5 Easy Tips for Healthier Curves

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Featured Top: Active Striped Hooded Top

Get Back On Track: 5 Easy Tips for Healthier Curves

We’re two months into the new year and some of us have already started or broken our new years resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle. Well whatever your case may be it’s not to late to get back on track, I’ve rounded up 5 easy tips to kickstart your fitness journey and to help you reach your healthy curve goals just in time for summer.

Tip#1 Be Realistic!

Make sure that your health and fitness goals are ideal. Saying that you’re going to get up and run a 5k every morning when you haven’t ran since forever makes no sense. Set attainable fitness milestones and keep it real with yourself. You know what your body is capable of doing so build your workout routines up to your reach your ultimate goal. Try finding just 30 mins a day to be act

Tip #2 Dress to Impress & Sweat!

Who said you can’t be cute and workout? Well they lied! When you look good, it makes you feel better! So invest in some cute and comfortable workout clothes so you can feel confident while working out.

Tip#3 Drink More Water. Hydrate!

Water is the best option when it comes to choosing a a go to healthy beverage, period. It has zero calories, it flushes toxins and it’s simply good for you. Sodas, Diet Sodas, Sports Drinks and Juice are loaded with tons of sugar that’s not good for your body. Staying hydrated is extremely essential throughout your fitness journey. Most doctors recommend you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. So grab a water bottle and drink up! Cheers!

Tip#4 Don’t be a scale addict!

It’s so easy to get hung up on the number you see on the scale, it’s the quickest way to fall in to the low self esteem trap. You may lose inches before you see the number on the scale go down and it’s perfectly ok. Just remember if you”re following youyour personal fitness goals and reaching your milestones then that should be gratifying enough. Schedule weigh in days for once a week or once a month but leave it in the closet when it’s not weigh in time.

Tip #5 Stay Committed!

Remember you’re human , there may be days that you slip up and eat something you’re not so proud of or skip a workout. It’s ok, Just don’t throw the towel in over one bad day or a few bad days. Always keep the bigger picture in mind and push yourself. You got this!

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