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Fat Girls Can Dance Too: The Story Behind Whitney Thore’s YouTube Video


Fat Girls Can Dance Too: The Story Behind Whitney Thore’s YouTube Video

Fat Girls Can Dance Too:  The Story Behind Whitney Thore’s YouTube Video

Misty Felde Photography – Images by Misty

Misty Felde Photography – Images by Misty

The other day I saw someone posted a video on Facebook, entitled “Fat Girl Dancing.”  I normally skip these types of videos because most of them are made to make fun of plus size women. But, I actually watched this and it was great! The video is of Whitney Thore, a radio producer dancing to Jason Derulo’s song “Talk Dirty to Me.” She is definitely hitting moves in this video.

We posted the video to our page and many of our readers took issue with the name of the video. To clear up the confusion, you must know that Whitney named the video. As a part of her No Body Shame Campaign she is embracing the term fat, and we’re definitely in support of that.

We love everything that inspires and embraces self love. Going to clubs, I’ve seen more plus women sitting down or holding up the wall than actually getting out on the floor dancing. I have no problem being the only plus woman on the main stage dancing my behind off. If you want guys to dance with you, show them you know a move or two. Besides dancing is an excellent exercise. It’s fun and freeing. This video really caught my attentions so I reached out to Whitney to get more information on her, the campaign, and what’s next.

Misty Felde Photography – Images by Misty

Misty Felde Photography – Images by Misty

By the way, this is not Whitney’s first dancing video (and not the last), but I wanted to know why/how she thought this one is becoming a viral hit.

While I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses from previous Fat Girl Dancing videos, the way I shared this one was different. Instead of posting a link to youtube, I embedded the video directly into Facebook. It’s my guess that this allowed it to become more visible and reach more people through the 150k+ shares I’m aware of!”, shared Whitney Thore.

Body image starts from an early age. How we feel about ourselves and how others make us feel is important and can shape our minds as we grow. For Whitney, she internalized her weight at the age of 10.

In Whitney’s words: 

I had the idea for No Body Shame Campaign after I posted photos of myself from a boudoir shoots, and while many responses were positive, there was a whoooole lotta fat-shaming going on!. I started blogging really just for therapy, so I could have my thoughts in one place – a sanctuary for me to talk about my life experiences and my journey from a thin woman to a fat woman to a sort of fat woman back to a really fat woman! I’ve been every kind of woman there is to be, it seems, so I’ve seen life through several lenses and I just wanted to share in hopes to help other women….because after putting my life and dreams on pause for nearly a decade, I feel like I’m finally coming out on the other side. No Body Shame Campaign isn’t just for fat women – if you read my blog you’ll see I started internalizing body shame when I weighed just over 100 pounds. Shame is something that women of all shapes, sizes, and races encounter – and we’re all in this together. I want women to accept and love themselves regardless – because we are so, so much more than just a body.

Be on the lookout for more videos from Whitney. I asked her what song she would like to do next and she said “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry. What else is next for this fat girl dancing?  “A member of the Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Sutta, contacted me and I will be filming a video for her single in the next three days which we will then release to social media. Be on the lookout!,”shared Whitney.

Whitney we salute you and love what you are doing. If you like the video, share it and check out Whitney’s campaign site Most importantly, embrace your curves (or fat) and show the world you too can dance!

Check out Whitney’s most recent dancing video. 

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