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Curvy Collegiate: Why I Decided To Bring A Plus Size Organization To My College Campus


Curvy Collegiate: Why I Decided To Bring A Plus Size Organization To My College Campus

Curvy Collegiate: Why I Decided To Bring A Plus Size Organization To My College Campus


Luv Ur Curves (LUC) Organization

My name is Reyanna Milsap. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA. I am the Vice President of an organization on Johnson C. Smith University located in Charlotte, NC. The organization is called Luv Ur Curves (LUC). Every year we put on a pageant called Miss Size Sexy. This organization is to encourage and motivate young women who aren’t the size society says they should be. We help women develop self-esteem, and confidence. This organization is to teach young women to be sexy and confident in their own skin, because remember we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Most importantly we promote health, help find inner beauty, and give back to all communities. This organization is for young women sizes 12-and up. We hold workshops and little events leading up to the pageant. We are holding a new event this year: “Rip the Runway Fashion Show” on Thursday, March 20,2014.

Many people ask me what made you get involved? My answer to them is I am a plus size young woman myself and have been plus size all my life. I have decided to get involved because I love helping people for a good cause. I am not just involved on the outside but also the inside as well, for example I am their choreographer as well and I also run their practices and work out segments. I love my girls in the organization, I feel like they are my kids I never had before. They look up to me even though we are around the same age. They know once we are in meetings or practices that I am their leader, and that is how we form respect for each other. Nothing can stop the love I have for these girls, we often have come to our lowest point with having no money or not enough people to form the organization or anything but we don’t let anything stop us, we keep going. “We can do any and everything”.

After asking one of the girls in the organization Da’Sheika Reaves who has a nickname for the organization which is: “Fun Size”, How did she feel about the organization, “Fun Size” stated: My best moments of being in the organization was bonding and meeting with other plus size women who went through some of the same things I went through growing up as a plus size girl. I wanted to join the Love Ur Curves Organization because I wanted to build up my confidence and also be role model for younger girls who are plus size. From being in the LUC Organization I have gained self-confidence, a better attitude and the most important thing I have gained was a voice to speak about the things we as plus size girls go through and to show that there’s nothing wrong with being plus size. I’m so thankful for this organization and the people that are involved. I hope one day I could become a leader in the LUC Organization once my experience is up.
-Reyan`na Milsap

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