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4 Reasons To Dress Your Curves In Sexy Lingerie


4 Reasons To Dress Your Curves In Sexy Lingerie

By: T. Marlene & Stephanie Penn

4 Reasons To Dress Your Curves In Sexy Lingerie

Plus size lingerie

Plus size lingerie

Wearing lingerie is something that every woman should do at some point. Not only is it sexy but lingerie is a great way to celebrate those special occasions. If you’re not convinced, keep reading for our four reasons to bring out the lace and satin chemise next time you’re feeling a little frisky.


Surprise your mate with something hot. It’s amazing how many women don’t wear lingerie. I dated someone once who adored the fact that I did because none of his exes wore lingerie. The bonus was the fact that I was the biggest woman (at size 20) he ever dated. We have to love our bodies and be confident in our skin and I’m telling you lingerie is a great way to spice up your relationship and surprise your the one you’re with.


Wearing lingerie is a great way to pamper and treat yourself. There is nothing more relaxing than sliding on a sexy outfit for yourself after taking a bubble bath surrounded by candles.  You don’t have to be in a relationship to let your inner sex kitten out.


Can I share a secret with you? I like wearing lingerie in and out of the bedroom. Lingerie is a great way to make you feel confident even if you’re wearing it underneath a business suit. Imagine walking in the room with a sexy stride to your step. Something as simple as a pair of silk panties will have you sounding bossy while feeling feminine.


For some reason corsets and boy shorts have a way of enhancing a woman’s figure. Plus size lingerie has come a long way. Instead of being reduced to wearing solid bras and basic panties, we can dress our curves up in balconette style bras that will provide more volume and lingerie that will keep our curves in perfect shape.

There you have it! We’ve given you four reasons to dress up your curves in something nice every day of the year. Lingerie isn’t just for Valentine’s Day so the next time you go shopping buy something special for yourself.

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