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Interview With Designer Nancy Herkul: Plus Size Fashion For Your ‘Curvezz’ With A Twist And An Edge


Interview With Designer Nancy Herkul: Plus Size Fashion For Your ‘Curvezz’ With A Twist And An Edge

Nancy Herkul of Curvezz

Nancy Herkul of Curvezz

Interview With Designer Nancy Herkul: Plus Size Fashion For Your ‘Curvezz’ With A Twist And An Edge 

I love hearing about new plus size fashion brands and it’s even more exciting to meet the designers behind the brand so speaking with Nancy Herkul of Curvezz was a pleasure.

Curvezz is designed for plus size women and after one conversation with Nancy, it’s clear to me that she is passionate about the clothing she designs. After getting positive feedback from both models and plus size women, Nancy made the decision to really put Curvezz out there for the world to see and take notice…..and we’re happy she did.

During our interview Nancy shared the mission of Curvezz, her design process and the exciting things that she has planned for the future.

First, Tell me about Curvezz and your decision to start a plus size business?

Nancy Herkul:  I have always loved fashion and have a passion for beautiful things. A while ago I had a back injury and was immobilized for some time. I slowly but surely put on a lot of weight and it was at this point that I realized I could not buy what I wanted, in the styles that I wanted nor the quality. I would have to buy things and alter them to fit me properly and so it was at this time that I saw a hole in the market and knew that I could bring something to fill that hole. Curvezz is a European brand and is all about fit, style and quality. Curvezz designs are versatile, comfortable and luxurious.

As a plus size fashion designer, how do you decide which trends to offer plus size women?

N.H.:  I have a team of people that work for me to bring the best I can and one of those people and myself researches and forecasts trends in the market. I like to think I have a good idea of what a curvy women wants because I am a curvy woman myself. If it is good for me, it will be good for other curvy women, but it is all about style.

Curvezz, Plus Size Fashion

Curvezz, Plus Size Fashion

As a plus size woman and business owner what are your thoughts on the lack of size diversity in plus size modeling and how does Curvezz differ from plus size retailers who stick to a certain look when hiring models?

N.H.:  This is always a difficult question because in a perfect world there would be no ‘plus’ size women. But it is, what it is. I do not agree that plus size models have to be under a certain size and have a certain hairstyle to get signed with an agency or get work. I generally make my samples in a size 18 – so when I am doing a shoot, I look for that size model. I will however be shooting again in the near future and will be using various size models to show that the styles look good on all sizes.

As a designer yourself, which designers inspire you?

N.H.:  Donna Karen, that’s my favorite. There are a lot of designers (luxury high end), that I like for myself but I like Donna Karen the most.

What is the goal of Curvezz?  What can women expect from you?

N.H.:  My future plans are to build the Curvezz brand! Building it into a one stop shop with shoes, handbags etc. I would also love to look at creating and building some other brands alongside Curvezz. Fashion is my passion, so my plans will always be built around it, it’s also in my nature.

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