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Our Editor’s Speak: The Plus Size Barbie Roundtable


Our Editor’s Speak: The Plus Size Barbie Roundtable

The topic of plus size Barbies are what everyone is talking about these days.  Although we’ve covered this topic several times, our Editor’s had one very interesting and insightful conversation on Facebook that’s worth reading.

STEPHANIE: How do you all feel about plus size Barbies?

LIMARIE:  I love Barbies! I think now more than ever more diverse, realistic Barbies are all the rage.. I mean have you seen the natural haired barbies in all shades of beautiful brown? I love it! I love diversity and realness celebrated so my answer about Plus Sized Barbies? I am all for it! That is one step closer to celebrating body diversity and acceptance.

CASSANDRA: I love the idea. If it weren’t so steeped in the feelings of body images of grown women than how kids see themselves…. it is just a flawed discussion.

STEPHANIE: I love the natural haired Barbies but the plus sized Barbies that I’ve seen aren’t realistic looking.  Why do you think it’s a flawed discussion Cassy?

TAMARA: I love the idea but there is the notion that it’s promoting obesity. Plus the ones I’ve seen….. why do they have to have double chins, are they going to have stretch marks too? That’s not the reality for all of us.
Do we have to go through the stereotypes first before equal representation like how black dolls first looked.

STEPHANIE: I don’t agree with claims that it’s promoting obesity either and if Mattel is going to go down that road, perhaps they should model them after someone like these.

CASSANDRA: It’s flawed because Barbie is an iconic image that was created in part so that little girls can example of what they WANTED to grow up to be.  A fat barbie only creates another ideology but this time is based in negative. Barbie’s proportions have long sense been found to be completely unrealistic. Making a fat barbie that is unproportionate and not glamorous as her skinny sister speaks to more of what the creator thinks of people of size and less of what the demand is.

TAMARA: I agree

CASSANDRA: Mattel would never do this..

Over Size Barbie

STEPHANIE:  Here is the picture that’s being circulated online.  In addition to the double chins, the dress is fugly!  And I think whoever photo shopped this was trying to support their position of opposing plus size Barbie dolls….but that’s my opinion.

LIMARIE: I do agree that it is flawed but I believe in celebrating diversity. I do think however this Barbie is ridiculous, trifling dress and all.  Maybe a more proportionate Barbie would work but then again like Cassy said it’s all pretty flawed. Hoping to see more positive change tho …

CASSANDRA: Right both proportions are unrealistic. The original barbie is accurate and the bloated barbie is real??? Seriously?

So what do you say. Are you a fan of the idea of creating a plus size Barbie? Should we just leave Barbie alone? Or do you think the kids even care about this type of thing?

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