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2014 January Cover Feature: Singer Mary Lambert


2014 January Cover Feature: Singer Mary Lambert


Mary Lambert’s vocals on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ song “Same Love” is just as refreshing as the singles support of legalizing same-sex marriage. Regardless of what your view is on the issue, it was hard not to applaud the trios efforts in bringing awareness to this issue when it was released in 2012.

Starting out as a coffee making barista, Mary Lambert is a Seattle based singer/songwriter who is on her way to becoming the politically conscious artist that this generation needs. Despite the obvious messages of empowerment and plus positivity in her music, Mary insists that it’s coincidental. “Everything I do socially and politically is sort of an accident. It’s just something that I want to talk about sometimes,” shared Lambert.

We interviewed Mary just days after releasing her EP, Welcome To The Age Of My Body, a four track taste of what’s to come from Mary when she releases her full length album and like her music, her personality is infectious.

For many of us, the things that come naturally to us, are what eventually brings us the greatest joys in life and for Mary, one of her most joyous occasions was finding out that she had been nominated for a Grammy award. Despite being shocked, she admits that she wasn’t surprised. “I always felt that I would be working as a barista or a bartender and then I would be at the Grammys,” says Lambert.

When asked about her journey, she shared that getting to this point involves several elements. “Primarily it’s 15% talent and the rest is faith and luck and being in the right place at the right time.” Being in the right place came right on time for Mary who met Macklemore and Ryan Lewis through a mutual friend. After meeting the duo, she impressed them with her skills as a singer and a songwriter and the rest is history.

After receiving so much attention for her contribution to their hit song, it wasn’t long before she turned the chorus into a full length song. “People had been asking me at shows if I was going to play “Same Love” and I didn’t feel confident performing to a track so I took this old song and I put it together,” says Mary about her song, “She Keeps Me Warm.” She continues, “I was really happy with how it came out and I’m happy people loved it so much and it sort of took a new life.”

Mary describes “She Keeps Me Warm” as a love song that just happens to be about two women. “I wrote it from the point of view of a lesbian. I’m not trying to make a statement, I’m just being myself, I’m just trying to be honest,” says Lambert.

Honesty is the principle that her album Welcome To The Age Of My Body is based on. The title is a line from Brian Ellis, one of her favorite poets. It became her mantra and every time she would perform she would say it in a prayer before going on stage.

“For me it was a declaration of space. It was me saying that I am worthy enough to take up space. I am worthy enough for people to pay attention to what I’m doing and I have something important to say and it’s valid and I’m going to invite them in,” says Lambert.

For Mary Lambert writing is a soulful exchange between her and the universe and performing is an exchange between her and her fans. Her overall goal as an artist is to be honest and genuine in where she’s coming from.

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