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Interview With SONSEE Woman: Hosiery For Plus Size Women


Interview With SONSEE Woman: Hosiery For Plus Size Women

Interview With SONSEE Woman:  Hosiery For Plus Size Women

Sonsee Woman

Sonsee Woman

Sonsee Hosiery was started with plus size women in mind by a company that truly loves and understands a woman’s curves. Made of italian materials, Sonsee Hosiery is luxurious hosiery that is free from ugly panels, low riding crutch, and restrictive waistbands. We catch up with the founder of Sonsee to find out more about this plus size hosiery brand.

Tell us about Sonsee.  How did you get your start?

SONSEE-size (plus-size) women have been telling us how difficult it can be to find sexy, luxurious hosiery that truly fits their bodies. Until now, plus-size hosiery has been tight, controlling, restricting and uncomfortable. It has been sold in bland colours and generally thrown out after one wear. Enough was enough.

You could’ve started a business specializing in anything but why hosiery?

After many years of designing and distributing some of the fashion industry’s most incredible hosiery women with curves were telling us what about us! So we put our heads down and after prototype, after prototype, after prototype finally Sonsee Woman was born.

How long have you been in business and what type of feedback have you received?

We Launched Sonsee Woman in July 2013, and the response has been mind-blowing!

Some of the things SONSEE women are saying:

“I tried the tights on for the first time and I was blown away. Sonsee tights are absolutely amazing. Everything that they’d promised about the fit was absolute true.” – Editor of

“These aren’t just any stockings – oh, no, they are the small miracles produced by SONSEE. When you are wearing them it’s really easy to forget they are there at all. I think there’s no higher praise for stockings than that. I have tried an awful lot of different stockings over the years, and I can say these are the best I have ever worn.” – Editor of


I love the fact that you use plus size models on your website.  Many of them have the same lady lumps that I have.  Whose idea was that and why was it important to use plus size models?

It was really important for us, as a brand, to show the depth of the product on women who will be wearing SONSEE. SONSEE women don’t want to see SONSEE on an ‘imaginary’ plus-size model who is really only a size 6-8. They want to see it on real women, with curves and bums just like them.

According to your size chart, I’m between a size stunning and a size radiant.  How important was it for you to label your sizes in this way?

All of us come in so many different shapes and sizes, we have had many customers who are between sizes, taller, shorter the list goes on. The sizes are really a guide to fit but we generally recommend our customers to choose the smaller size as the stretch in Sonsee Woman tights is phenomenal.

It was also important to us as a brand, that its not about ‘size’ as much as it is about how you feel. If you are a size 24 and feel sexy, then we applaud that!

To find out more about Sonsee Hosiery visit,

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