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ELLE Magazine Starts A Twitter Debate Over The Term ‘Plus Size Model’


ELLE Magazine Starts A Twitter Debate Over The Term ‘Plus Size Model’

ELLE Magazine Starts A Twitter Debate Over The Term ‘Plus Size Model’

Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

There are two things that I’m pretty sure of, 1) the word plus size includes women that wear a size 10 + in the fashion industry (sometimes a size 8), and 2) plus size women don’t accept that logic……….at all.

When lifestyle magazine ELLE tweeted a story about plus size model Leah Kelley, their twitter followers openly voiced their criticisms of them calling her ‘plus size.’

“We need a new identification for these so called “plus sized models” It’s just not fitting to the stigma of what it is,” shared one follower.

“Plus sized? REALLY ELLE? Screw you,”  writes another.

According to Wilhemlmina’s website, Leah Kelley is 5’10” and wears a size 10-12, so she identifies with being a plus size model. In the story that started this conversation, Leah Kelly shares that she is proud to be a plus sized model.  She even shares that her vintage clothing are usually size 16s and she has a pair of size 14 jeans.  When asked if she was okay with the term plus – size, here is her reply:

I do fit into the plus-size category, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I work in Europe a lot and I’m definitely plus-size in their eyes. This is where I am at a healthy stage, and one of the things I like about my agency [Wilhelmina] is they’re supportive… I can’t control what they call me. I’m just happy that I can be my size naturally and not be told to gain or lose weight. I won’t work for every client, but I get to work with people who support me at my healthiest size. I was skinny in high school and I’ve weighed 200 pounds. This is where I’ve come to be naturally.

Leah Kelley began receiving more attention after being photographed for Robyn Lawley’s swimwear collection.

What do you think about the industry considering Leah Kelley a plus size model?  If you don’t think she should be called a plus sized model, what type of model is she?  Do you agree with the term or should she just be considered a model?

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