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Family Growth: 4 Ways You Can Connect With Your Family Throughout The Year


Family Growth: 4 Ways You Can Connect With Your Family Throughout The Year

Family Growth:  4 Ways You Can Connect With Your Family Throughout The Year


Times have changed and everything seems so fast paced now but one thing is for certain we must make time for family. We spend so much time at work or school, on social networks or in relationships that as we grow each day not only are we growing individually but we are also growing farther apart. Here are some things that have helped me and my family grow closer.

Stay connected!

It is not always convenient to see relatives that don’t live nearby. Make sure to stay connected by calling, video calling, communicating through social networks or just sending an email. The point is to stay connected and still be a part of eachothers lives even if only by sharing an hour a week together.

Spend Real Time Together

Whether you hang out at home, head out to dinner or shopping, make sure to be present in the moment. Don ‘t spend a whole lot of time on social networks uploading pictures and having conversations with your online friends, instead use this time to build, make new memories and have uninterrupted conversations. You can return to the social networks later but real time is important for growth.

Just Listen

Sometimes the best thing you can do for another person is just be a good listener. When I visit my great grandmother, I say a few things but I mostly let her talk. Sometimes she tells me the same stories and we laugh but I am just thankful to even be hearing them. I try to put myself in her shoes and it helps me listen closer on the days I am in a little bit of a rush. Other days she just listens to me, it is amazing how she is able to get to the heart of whatever is on my mind almost immediately but then again she is 94 years old and has learned to become an excellent listener over time. Listening requires total attention and with so many distractions like TV’s, computers and cell phones it feels good to know you can make your family members the center of your attention by just listening.


This one is a hard one because how can you forgive a person who never has asked for forgiveness? You just let it go. Forgiveness starts and ends with you. You can go on and on with unforgiveness in your heart but it will only change you not the other person. Choose to be free of past hurts and regrets, it doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen once you make it your choice. This will help you become stronger mind body and soul, eventually helping you to become strong enough to even be around those who have once hurt you without it even affecting you, this type of growth is contagious.

Praying some of these help! What are some things you do help your family grow closer together?

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