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The Curvy Fashionista Has Questions And We Have Answers


The Curvy Fashionista Has Questions And We Have Answers

 The Curvy Fashionista Has Questions And We Have Answers

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I have some pretty amazing friends and allies in the plus size community. My sisters, as I affectionately call them, are thinkers, innovators, advocates and fashionistas. Every day my sisters share plus size news and fashion trends with millions of women and the result is often insightful conversation. This morning, The Curvy Fashionista created a great post where she asked 15 questions that had been on her mind. She challenged her readers to answer those questions and as a reader and fan, I happily obliged. Keep reading for my answers to her 15 questions about the plus size fashion industry.

1)  Do we really need another shopping app?

No, not in my opinion, but I’m not a hardcore shopper so I would never use a shopping app anyway.

2)  Why are people still saying there is nothing in plus size fashion? We have more options than ever… Proof, here and here.

Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t think people are ever satisfied. Plus, I just think some people like complaining about stuff that they’re not physically doing anything about. Complaining seems justified especially when done in numbers. As you can see this annoys me.

3)  Is free shipping still a promotion?

Hell to the no. While I appreciate it, it’s not going to entice me to make a purchase.

4)  Why add that random applique or detail?

They add the random detailing to say that they tried to make the big girls look good, who cares if they wouldn’t add that random detail to straight size clothing. It’s like they’re saying, “I’m doing SOMETHING for her, so she better be happy!”

5)  WHY do some sites that sell plus size NOT use plus size models? I am not talking like a size 12, I am talking about those who use straight size stock images, a mannequin just for plus, OR a size 4 or 6?

Because they’re fraudulent in the worst way.

6)  Why, Why, Why, if you DO sell plus sizes do you NOT talk, promote, and feature them on your own sites? I don’t get it.

Because that fraudulent behavior flows into every aspect of their life and it defines their very existence. 

7)  I still don’t get all this mesh see though dresses. How you supposed to hold up the girls?

They aren’t made for women with girls, especially big girls, you know, girls that are in their teens.

8)  Why don’t the US fashion magazines feature and promote plus size fashion as their international counterparts?

Because the US are some followers. The US doesn’t support anything or anyone until THEY figure out how they can make a profit from it.  This way of thinking is the societal norm and those with any ounce of power adhere to these myopic standards.  Eventually they’ll get it, and when that happens, they’ll become heroes like everyone else.

9)  Why don’t I see a range of hues in plus size models? The only site that is the most diverse is Ashley Stewart. I love me some plus size models, but can we get more diversity?

I often have this same question. I love the fact that some brands only use plus size models (because there are so many that don’t), but this lack of diversity thing is really starting to get on my nerves. Diversity is not using the lightest hue of model that you can find, it’s using multiple hues, from this to this.

10)  Why don’t you offer free returns if you do not offer my size in store?

Probably because they’re not fully committed to you as a customer and they don’t want to be held responsible for anything that goes wrong. Everyone has the, “it’s not my fault” mentality. 

11)  Why haven’t you offered your sick ass designs in plus yet? YOU COULD TOTALLY do it. I am talking about DKNY (NOT the DKNYC range), BCBG, and DVF, you could totally partner with Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or Saks Fifth to make this twerk.

Because they don’t see the value. Forget what the numbers say. They don’t understand the reasoning behind making plus size clothing.

12)  If you make up to a size 18, why can’t you continue the full range? I am so confused.

Lack of commitment.  They feel like it’s going to cost more money and why should they?  If they’ll be categorized as a plus size brand or maker of plus size clothing for doing a half ass job, why should they fully commit?

13)  Why haven’t we seen a plus size model kick ass in a mainstream accessory or beauty ad? Asides from Crystal Renn, I am sure that Denise, Fluvia, Ashley Graham, and a few others can hold it down. I do hear that Robyn is on the cusp of this… so who knows…

They have to accept us first and contrary to what they say, they don’t accept us, they accept the plus size images that don’t make them feel uncomfortable. Anyone is visible roles are not accepted by mainstream media and that’s why we need websites like The Curvy Fashionista and (shameless plug).

What’s crazy is that although Crystal Renn and Robyn Lawley are plus size models, using them is like using a model with a very light complexion on a website that lacks diversity, and releasing a press release saying how diverse they are.

14)  Why are we still having to shop predominantly online? I do love it, but damn a girl wants to go out and have a little fun.

See the answer to #11.

15)  Why can I not find a plus size full midi length leather skirt? Not Fitted. Full.

Doesn’t Jibri have one, or is that too long?

Now that I’ve shared my answers with you, it’s your turn! Head over to 15 Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry and share your answers to these thought provoking questions in her comment section. 

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