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Single Over 30: Making Hard Life Decisions


Single Over 30: Making Hard Life Decisions

Single Over 30: Making Hard Life Decisions

The Single Life

Cancer and the Single Life

I was speaking with a woman yesterday who has cancer, and she just found out that the chemotherapy isn’t working and the cancer has spread. This is a woman in her 50’s, and although she’s been a widow for some years and has grown children, she now lives alone. As I was talking to her, the main thing she kept talking about was how alone she felt when she went home. She told me that she would probably ask her neighbor if she could sleep over because she didn’t want to sit alone in her apartment thinking about what cancer was doing to her body.

When I got home I cried. I not only cried for her, but for so many single women out there who could potentially have to face something as debilitating and scary as cancer alone. I’m not talking about the single women who live close to their wonderful supportive families or the women who have managed to create a community in a new city, but the women who are truly going it alone. The women who’s friends may be spread out all over the globe and who may not have the closest relationship with her family.

Social Support for the Single Woman

The single life can be great, but there are some very practical reasons why being married and having a family of your own can be beneficial. Illness, unemployment and other major life changes can force a single woman to have to make choices about her life that she doesn’t want to make. For example, if a woman lives far away from her family and suddenly needs to be taken care of due to an illness or can’t afford to pay her mortgage because of a layoff, she may have to leave the city where she’s been growing her career and building a life for herself and return to her hometown.

No matter how much you’re enjoying the single life, at some point you will need some kind of support. And I highly encourage you to start thinking about this now if you haven’t already. I don’t think all the support you need comes from a spouse alone, but it would be a good place to start.

What kind of supports do you have in your life? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


About the Author:

Trenia Parham is an experienced dating coach.  She teaches women practical dating tools, tips and strategies that won’t compromise her authenticity, in addition to what an available man looks like and how men show up when they want to be in a relationship with a woman and what they do when they don’t, from the first date to the walk down the aisle.

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