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4 Tips & Tricks to Combat Winter Dryness


4 Tips & Tricks to Combat Winter Dryness

4 Tips & Tricks to Combat Winter Dryness

Limarie Lewis (Photographer:  MVP Images)

Limarie Lewis (Photographer: MVP Images)


Cold weather, hot showers and hot dry indoor heat can really cause the skin to become dull, and dry. Make sure to exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead, flakey skin especially on the hands and feet. You can create your own concoction with ingredients found in your kitchen such as salt or sugar and an oil such as sweet almond oil or olive oil. Apply in a gentle circular motion and rinse off with warm water and you are ready for your favorite hydrating cream & lotion.

Moisturize & Wrap

After your steamy shower make sure to give your skin and hair extra TLC by trying the following moisture wrap technique for trouble spots such as the heels of your feet, elbows, knees and ends of your hair or scalp. Use organic coconut oil on all dry spots and wrap with plastic wrap for 15-30 minutes on the skin and a plastic shower cap for the hair. After deep conditioning your hair with coconut oil wash out with a deep conditioning shampoo & conditioner, your hair will feel like silk. Coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer, rich in vitamin E which is essential for healthier skin and hair…depending on your hair needs you could always leave it in as well.

Protect the Lips

Make sure you use a lip balm daily as a protective barrier from the harsh weather. Since our lips do not contain any oil glands, keeping them protected and moisturized is the best thing you can do for them. If your lips are super dry, try exfoliating them beforehand with a little water and sugar, pat on with your fingertip and scrub in a circular motion. Exfoliation never tasted so sweet, apply a thick lip butter like cocoa butter for extra softness.

Make the Switch

Now that it is colder out, switch to thicker moisturizing creams and conditioners. Sometimes we get stuck using the same tried and true products but don’t be afraid to try something new that offers a little more moisture, including your foundation and don’t forget to always wear sunscreen.

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