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Kimberly Fisher: “I Strutted In My 5 Inch Pumps For Nene Leakes”


Kimberly Fisher: “I Strutted In My 5 Inch Pumps For Nene Leakes”

Kimberly Fisher:  “I Strutted In My 5 Inch Pumps For Nene Leakes”

72672_305665316203105_1944295765_nIt all started with a text message.

A friend of mine, screenshot me a message that Cynthia Bailey was hosting casting call for NeNe Leakes’ new  plus size clothing line. As I laid in bed, I thought in that moment what it’d be like strutting my stuff on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” next to NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey. We talked, we laughed, and I thanked her for sharing the information with me.

See, I’m from Detroit, and going to the casting call would mean purchasing a ticket to Atlanta, finding transportation, and a place to stay for something that is not 100% guaranteed. After that moment, I didn’t give the casting call additional thought because of my limited resources, the low amount of seniority I have on my job, and the short period of time I had to prepare. It made the trip to Atlanta seem almost impossible for me. God proved he had another plan for me.

There were 6 people who were sent my way to persuade, uplift, and convince me to audition for NeNe Leakes casting call. After receiving 6 different post, text, and conversations about going to Atlanta, the Sunday before the casting call, I called my mother, my boyfriend, and my Sorority Sister in Atlanta and told them the plane ticket had been purchased and that I would be in Atlanta on Wednesday. Favor was bestowed on me at my job; after working a double shift, I was able to get Monday – Wednesday off.

Once I got off of the plane and my Sorority Sister picked me up, everything else just flew by so fast.

I arrived at Bar One at 2pm; 2 hours before the actual 4pm start time. When I arrived the parking lot was completely full with two lines were from the door all the way to the street. I couldn’t believe how many people came out to her casting call. It was freezing cold out there and by the time I received my casting number, I was #96.

While in line, I met women from Baltimore, Washington DC, Alabama, Florida, and from all over Georgia. We were all in good spirits, laughing, and waiting for our chance to get inside.

Camera crews, microphones, and television cameras were everywhere when Nene Leakes arrived in her Range Rover. She was tall, flawless, and extremely beautiful. I could feel her energy as the crowd roared in excitement and pure joy as she waved and spoke to us all. NeNe told us to bring it!  When we walked through the door, she wanted to see personality and smiles. I was a little upset being #96, but after seeing #198 and #239 walk pass me, it made me even more excited and grateful that I arrived when I did.

The line was slow but steady. It gave Gregg (Nene’s husband) and other “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members an opportunity to come out and show us some love. They were amazing, friendly, personable, and didn’t mind taking a few pictures with the other girls. Of course, they had NeNe’s signature “I’m Very Rich B****” shirts for sale.

When they finally called #90-100 into Bar One, I could feel from that moment that it was my time. I’m not sure if it was the gust of heat, the smell of food, or the pure energy, but we quickly shed our coats, sweaters, and boots and out came the stilettos and pumps. It was show time!

I’d asked a few girls who came out before us what to expect and if they asked any questions, so I was ready. I flew in from Detroit for this, so I was ready to show NeNe and Cynthia that I was born, bred, and ready for this. As #90-95 walked in before me, I could see the excitement and nervousness on their faces. It was on! One by one the other contestants said their sizes and strutted their stuff. As they finished, I noticed the two girls I’d met in line from Baltimore and DC, were ushered to the side. I knew that meant they were chosen. As the director, walked them to the side I could see my comp card at the top of the stack. My smile caught my eye and a surge of energy came over me. I closed my eyes, asked God for favor and I thanked Him for bringing me this far. At that moment, I opened my eyes, turned on my smile, and led my line in front of the lights, NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, and the rest of the judges.

When I walked in, I was immediately asked, “#96 what size are you?” I answered, “20/22”. They shook their heads. At that point, they explained they wanted us to state our sizes and for us to complete a full walk to the front of the room. I was first. I strutted in my 5in pumps to the middle of the room, looking NeNe and the judges right in their faces, never once wavering my smile. Once I arrived to the end of the walkway, NeNe Leakes said, “Kimberly, what size did you say you were again?” At this moment, I would like to acknowledge that NeNe Leakes said my name! Standing in front of her, looking at her, and actually talking to her? Could this really be happening to me? I answered her, “I’m a size 20/22.” NeNe said, “Good.” I walked confidently and extremely excited back to my spot in the line. Number 97-100 walked then the judges looked us over. Those seconds seemed like forever, but NeNe Leakes and another judge said “Thank You Ladies…#96”, “Yes, #96.” I could have passed out at that very moment. Like seriously passed out on the floor! I was ushered to the side with the other two girls that were chosen and we just burst with excitement. I left that casting call with a sense of accomplishment, excitement, and just over all joy. Because I stepped out on faith and I allowed God to order my steps, I was chosen that day. I don’t know what lies ahead or what’s next, but the one thing I do know is that God has not brought me this far to lead me astray.

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