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6 Tips For Developing A Healthier Mind, Body and Soul


6 Tips For Developing A Healthier Mind, Body and Soul

6 Tips For Developing A Healthier Mind, Body and Soul


I am always looking to improve myself inside and out; it is an everyday process and life is too short to not live your best life now. The following are just some tips that have helped me and are helping me become healthier; mind, body and soul.

First things first look INWARD!

Begin thinking about your self-worth, your relationship with yourself. Do you engage yourself in negative thinking? Are you your own hater? Do you live to eat or eat to live? Looking at some of your own patterns and behaviors are essential to knowing what we have to change.

Ask yourself the RIGHT questions?

Just like the above it takes asking yourself questions to get answers. The RIGHT questions to ask are questions that get to the heart of the matter and typically start with What, Where, Why & How. When we ask ourselves questions like these, it usually leads to a reason and a plan; that is self-motivation right there!

REMOVE Negativity!

This may include people that sap your energy and are always filled with drama. You know who these people are. It is usually the first person that pops into your head when you think of the word “drama” or “negative”. A healthy way to cut ties with this person or people is to either spend more time by yourself or surround yourself with more positive people. Don’t feel badly about this part. Many of us have that one person we love but know are no good for us, it is okay to love from a healthy distance; we are all a work in progress just make sure to love yourself enough to know that person’s negativity is sapping your positivity and keep it moving. Stay away from gossip as much as you can, music and movies that do nothing to add to your positive attitude. I love all types of movies and music but whenever I am in a funk, I like to stick to to the uplifting stuff; you know those things that make me laugh or inspire me.

READ more good stuff!

The world is filled with so many different people and there are a ton of inspiring quotes, thoughts and beliefs, so make sure you take the time to read more good stuff. Whether it be poetry, self-help books, the bible, or just someone else memoirs, make sure that whatever you are reading is inspirational and motivational. An inspiring word a day, will keep negativity away.


Your body is the most amazing thing you will ever own. You have to put in the work to keep it healthy. Just like an old car needs to be maintained by changing the oil so it can run better, sometimes we have to change what we eat in order to have a healthier body and mind. We are made up of these three things: mind, body & soul so we must work to keep balance in our bodies if we are to be completely healthy. Exercise it essential. If you have fallen off, forgive yourself and get back on. Start with 15 minutes a day of just walking even if you are only walking in place. Set the timer on your phone and Go! Not only will this help release stress but you will be building your bodies’ muscles and heart as well as helping you shed any unwanted weight.

Soul Searching

Spending quiet time meditating and praying is very important. It is in the still quiet that you can calm all the outside noise and get in tune with yourself and God. God knows all of our thoughts and attitudes and He also wants to develop a relationship with you. Talk to God in your own way and allow yourself time to listen. Don’t expect a booming sound from the sky, but listen to that still small voice that leads and directs you as you go along on your life’s journey. A healthier happier mind body and soul depends on this time.

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