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Tony Posnanski Finds Fault In Lululemon’s Claim That Plus Size Women Are Ruining Yoga Pants


Tony Posnanski Finds Fault In Lululemon’s Claim That Plus Size Women Are Ruining Yoga Pants

Fit Man Finds Fault In Plus Size Yoga Pants Measurements


As plus size women, we know that the size you wear in one brand may not be the same size you can wear in another. And let’s not even get into the topic of having to wear two different sizes to fit your top half and bottom half of your body.

Tony Posnanski, a health and fitness blogger for The Anti Jared, has lost 221 pounds over the course of five years. Being a fit, 198-pound male, he went out to prove if the Lululemon fact of plus size women are ruining clothing was a true statement or not.

First, he went to Target, and found that he couldn’t fit into a size 12 yoga pant. Then he went to plus retailer Avenue and was blown away by fitting a size 20!

“TWENTY!!! I got mad and told her she was crazy. There is no way in the world that I was a size twenty! I wore all medium clothes. I ran ten miles and I lost over 200 pounds.”

Tony’s findings are proof that there is something wrong in the sizing of plus size clothing.

“I have not ripped or gone through a pair of pants in years,” blogged Posnanski. So, the fact that “plus size” women are stretching out the fabric on Wilson’s sacred yoga pants doesn’t mean that they’re too large for it, it just means that something is inherently wrong with the Lululemon brand, as well as the entire fashion industry’s obvious prejudice against the average-sized woman. “

I understand this statement completely. When skinny jeans came out, I went to Torrid. I tried on 5 different sizes and they still did not fit. I refused to go up one more size. Then within the same month I went to Ashley Stewart and to my surprise found out I had fit a size 16 for the first time ever. It was a great feeling because I worked hard to get to that size but experience I will never forget.

What do you think about Tony’s findings? Do you find plus size measurements to be consistent?

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