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Hi, My Name Is Keely Kat & I’m A “Curvy Spooky Cutie”


Hi, My Name Is Keely Kat & I’m A “Curvy Spooky Cutie”

Hi, My Name Is Keely Kat & I’m A “Curvy Spooky Cutie”

Hi, My Name Is Keely Kat & I'm A "Curvy Spooky Cutie"

Hi, My Name Is Keely Kat & I’m A “Curvy Spooky Cutie”

My name is Keely Kat. I have been a plus size woman for as long as I can remember.  I have always walked to the beat of my own drum and made my own unique style throughout the years.  I don’t believe in labels, but to try and categorize what a  “Spooky Cutie” entails I will openly use the following terms:  Goth, punk, emo, creative, open minded, tattooed/pierced, individual, and unique.  What I like to refer to as someone whom is very open minded and follows a style all their own.  I speak for myself but I know of many others who have been made fun of for having a different color hair (Green, purple, blue etc), tattoos, piercings, ripped leggings, spikes on jewelry/clothes, ripped jeans, wearing all black, striped stockings, boots with dresses/skirts, and the list goes on and on.

It’s one thing to be bullied or laughed at for being different to begin with but add the being overweight token on top of it and it’s a double whammy of ridicule.  I always joke about being the fat goth kid in the corner.  I can laugh at it now but when I was a teenager it was literally the truth.  All my friends had boyfriends or girlfriends and I was the one who let them all hang out at my place or I’d drive them where they needed to be but at the end of the night I’d be the one alone.  Why?  Well being overweight wasn’t cool, it wasn’t sexy and being a “Freak” was the icing on the (no dude will ever be interested in me) cake.  That was then and this is now.  Now is a completely different life.

I have opened my eyes to being true to myself continuously every day.  I still get laughed at and I still get talked about.  The close minded can’t understand creativity and a unique style.  I have no qualms with anyone of any size.  I just choose to frown upon those that don’t appreciate one for being themselves.  If anyone wants to have their body adorned with beautiful ink or piercings that’s their choice and no one should be shun for that.  If someone is overweight and wants to wear a mini skirt, boots, and dreads in their hair more power to them.   When I was younger it was difficult to find “goth” clothes in a plus size, or even a band t-shirt that would fit right.  Today thankfully it’s much easier.  The internet offers so many clothing options and even local malls/stores have many more plus sized, alternative style options.

After sitting down one day and going over all the awesome Facebook pages available for size acceptance I decided to make my own.  It’s called Curvy SPoOky Cutiez.  It’s a home for all the curvy “spooky” women that are true to themselves and believe in their creativity.  By making this page I have received such positive feedback from so many fans and it really thrills me to see it.  I have met so many amazing people as well.  Everyone can relate to the same things and it’s a wonderful comfort zone to reach out to people and share the same positive message of being yourself and loving it.

I still have my days of feeling like a misfit toy.  I think anyone at any size may have an off day.  We are only human.  However, I know that there isn’t a day that goes by that I haven’t said something or worn something that expresses who I truly am.  I love my unique style and that is something I will always have.  No one can give it to you.  You are who you are and this is your life to live, so live it, love it, and rock it!

Thank you for this opportunity to share my little story.  I could go on for days but to sum it all up.  Be yourself.  Love your body, and all its unique art whether it’s a piercing, tattoo,  make-up, or your favorite item of clothing.   Never hesitate to show the Curvy SpoOky Cutie in you.  😉

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