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2013 November Cover Model: Tiffany Smith

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2013 November Cover Model: Tiffany Smith

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2013 November Cover Model: Tiffany Smith | Image Credit: Roderick Murphy Photography

Tiffany Smith, an aspiring plus size model from Detroit, Michigan, has big hopes and aspirations for the future. Being involved in the fashion industry for a few years, Tiffany has traveled internationally, loving what she does doing, while embracing her curves. With a healthy dose of confidence and a great attitude, Tiffany shows the right amount of determination necessary to take her to the next level. We asked Tiffany, this month’s cover model to tell us about her plus size modeling beginnings, goals and her thoughts on the plus size fashion industry. When you’re not modeling, what do you do for a living?

Tiffany Smith: By day, I’m the Accountant for a major Home Improvement Company. By night, I’m the Creative Director of Innovative Events and Planning (IEP) in Detroit, MI. Who or what inspires you to be the best Tiffany possible?

Tiffany Smith: My daughter inspires me to be the best Tiffany possible. She is my mini me. I have to set a great example for her because I know she’s watching me. What made you want to be a plus size model?

Tiffany Smith: Being the Creative Director of IEP we put on a lot of productions and one just so happened to be a fashion show. This fashion show included two local plus size modeling agencies. Seeing these curvy confident women on the runway inspired me to pursue something that I have always wanted to do, but society and media told me I was to “fat” to do. I’ve been modeling from that moment on. What do you love most about the plus size fashion and modeling industry?

Tiffany Smith: I love how much plus size fashion has evolved. There are way more stores and clothing to choose from [now]. In the modeling industry I would have to say I love walking the runway the most and meeting other positive and confident curvy women. What are some areas that the plus size fashion industry can work on?

Tiffany Smith: I would say being more high fashion, editorial and couture instead of always being so commercial. How would you describe your personal style?

Tiffany Smith: I describe my style as forever changing but one thing that remains the same is that I’m the Queen of Cheap! Ha Ha! I am always looking for the best bargains! My style really depends on my mood. One day I can be funky like Rihanna and the next day business chic like Kim K. You’ve modeled in a number of fashion shows, locally and internationally. How do you find out about these shows?

Tiffany Smith: Social Media is my best friend! I do a lot of networking with other aspiring and working models locally and internationally. What’s the best advice that you’ve received from a working model so far?

Tiffany Smith: Whitney Thompson from America’s Next Top Model gave me the best advice which is to simply just be me. You receive a lot of criticism in this industry so you have to remember that you can’t please everyone and you won’t book every job. I always say what God has for me it is for me. How do you Thrive In Your Curves?

Tiffany Smith: I thrive in my curves by believing in me and loving myself. I thrive in my curves all day everyday!


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