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Plus Size Fashion Tip: Summer Of Plus Size Fashion Risks


Plus Size Fashion Tip: Summer Of Plus Size Fashion Risks

Editor’s Note:  Last month, we put out a call for blog posts that celebrated plus size women for our first annual “Thrive In Your Curves” blog carnival.  Throughout the month of October, we’ll share these posts in hopes that they inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us.  This submission comes from the blog NJ’s Plus Size Beauty

Oh snap!!! Is she really wearing her arms AND back out?????? Proudly, the answer is yes!!!

This was my first time wearing my arms and back out without some type of cover up/shrug/scarf. For one, it was the beginning of summer so it was crazy hot and this outfit was too cute to have it covered up. Not only that, I felt good and I knew I looked good!!!!!

In all honesty, I purchased this outfit in 2012 and I hung it up in the back of the closet because I wasn’ t confident enough to wear it. A few weeks into summer, while organizing my summer clothes, I saw it and I moved it to the front of the closet. Then… I decided to rock it!


Plus Size Fashion Tip: Summer Of Plus Size Fashion Risks

What a bold move! I’m so thankful for the mindset that I have now. As you can see, the decision to wear this jumper as confidently as I did took guts! Do I have the “perfect body”? No, and it doesn’t matter. However, what matters most to me is that I celebrate my curves!

Each time I step out of the house, I want to look like I took time with myself- “hair did, nails did, everything did” (insert laugh) – because I do. In essence, how I feel about my outward appearance is an expression of just how good I feel on the inside! This is tremendous progress and I am so thankful that I went through the process to get to this point in my life. I truly love the woman I see in the mirror!

In closing, I encourage my curvy sisters to take fashion risks and be confident with those decisions. As long as the outfit accentuates your curves, then I say go for it! So what, you have some imperfections. Learn your own personal style so you can wear the clothes and the clothes not wear you!!!!!

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