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Halloween Fun: You Must Check Out These Fun & Inexpensive Halloween Crafts


Halloween Fun: You Must Check Out These Fun & Inexpensive Halloween Crafts

Halloween Fun: You Must Check Out These Fun & Inexpensive Halloween Crafts

Halloween is one of the best holidays to grab the kids and get creative. I’ve turned into a huge Pinterest fan and I’ve found some amazing crafts there.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always thinking of alternative ideas to be festive other than the cutting up a pumpkin, which we may or may not eat. I’m creative but not so much in the carving arena.

These are my top 5 creative, unique simple crafts to make.

1)  Bowl of Bones – Take pretzel sticks and place mini marshmallows on the ends, then dip the entire thing in white chocolate and you have bones. Here’s a great page to follow for directions.

Image Source: The Chatty Mom

Image Source: The Chatty Mom

2)  Creepy Popcorn Hands – I’ve actually seen 2 versions of this one so I’ll share with you both. One is creepier than the other so you decide for yourself which one fits within your Halloween theme this year. This first one is popcorn filling a plastic glove with 1 candy corn for nails and a spider ring on one of the fingers.

Image Source:  Aunt Nubby's Kitchen

Image Source: Aunt Nubby’s Kitchen

The next one is also called Franken Fingers. Take pretzels, chocolate and sliced almonds for nails. I’ve also seen baked versions of these.

3)  Witch Marshmallow Pops – This one takes a little more effort than a few of the others but I think it’s worth it. You’ll need marshmallows, chocolate kisses, chocolate strip cookies, lollipop sticks and green melting candy or white chocolate dyed green. If you’ve got all that or are up for the challenge Bellies Beyond has step by step instructions for you.


Image Source:  Bellie's Beyond

Image Source: Bellie’s Beyond

4)  Bats – By far one of the easier options on the list. It does help if you have a DSW bag so you don’t have to color in the black portions. Your tools are a paper bag, toilet paper or paper towel roll and black paint. Mer Meg has great instructions to follow for this craft.

Image Source:  Mer Mag

Image Source: Mer Mag

5)  Spider Lollipops – The easiest of them all. Just lollipops and black pipe cleaners. You can get some black tissue paper or wrap and wrap it around the lollipops. I’ve also seen pictures of these spiders with the lollipops as they originally are. Either way still fairly simple but unique. has great instructions and even includes eyes for the spiders.

Image Source:  I Heart Naptime

Image Source: I Heart Naptime

All of these are quick and inexpensive crafts that should add to your Halloween décor. If you decide to tackle these projects, feel free to share your pictures with us!

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