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Plus Size Design Duo Dama Talya Are Promoting Size Acceptance with Style


Plus Size Design Duo Dama Talya Are Promoting Size Acceptance with Style

By: Minority Weirdos

Editor’s Note:  We love hearing about new plus size designers as well as sharing the written work of plus size bloggers.  When I stumbled upon this article about a plus size design duo participating in New Orleans Fashion Week, I had to share it with you. 

Plus Size Designers Dama Talya Are Promoting Size Acceptance with Style

Plus Size Designers Dama Talya Are Promoting Size Acceptance with Style

New Orleans has always been known for its uniqueness, its creativity and just plain love for all things creative. New Orleans revolves around culture that celebrates everyone for who they are! This fact alone is one of the things that makes NOLA Fashion Week (NOLAFW) so amazing. NOLAFW works to provide an inclusive environment for a diverse group of designers of different styles, experiences, genders and races. It was only right, as well as expected from a great group that such a progressive week of fashion would become size accepting.

NOLAFW began the journey into size acceptance with an exceptional line called Dama Talya that premiered last week! Dama Talya is a plus size clothing line tailored to creative and fitted designs for women who make up for 65% wearing over a size 14.

Before showing at NOLAFW I had the great opportunity to meet one of the designers of Dama Talya, named Natalie! A phenomenal young woman born and raised right down in New Orleans!

Check out some things she had to say!

Giving plus Size Clothes a New Meaning

Something important to Dama Talya is fit. Natalie of Dama Talya feels that plus size women deserve tailored clothing that is not only contemporary, but upscale. She wants to see fashion for full-figured women move away from the frumpy to exceptional and classy. Dama Talya’s goal is to set trends and not adapt; but stand out. One of the ways this is being down is through patterns. Natalie let me in on the fact that many designers of plus size wear upgrade patterns all over and not in the areas that’s needed the most. She feels this doesn’t need to be the case and upgrades should only be done where it’s needed. The team creates exclusive patterns that focus on accentuating the greatness of the curves while developing a design that leads to ladies feeling comfortable in what they wear and how they look in it. “We are still women and deserve great designs just like everyone else”, states Natalie.

Over 40 Years of Experience

The Dama Talya team is made up of Natalie Pirario Bendy and her mom Kim Piraro, creating a powerful combination. Mixing Kim’s 40 years of fashion experience along with Natalie’s business experience the two create a team that will dominate the industry and create fashion that defines the standard for plus size for years to come. Natalie brings to the table a Fashion Design Degree with a chance to study interior design, which gave her more insight into fabrics. The name Dama Talya came from her college days of everyone calling her Natalya instead of Natalie, which led her to begin signing all her designs Talya. One day past co-workers told her about adding Dama, which means lady. The magic began for Dama Talya at this point.


Dama Talya is inspired simply by the woman’s body! They design for the body and to look good on plus size women is of the utmost important. The Dama Talya wearer is fashion forward women who stand out in the crowd with confidence and strength, states Natalie. This is what powers Dama Talya and brings their designs to life.

View Dama Talya’s Spring/Summer ’14 collection shown New Orleans Fashion Week.

Image Credit: NOLA Defender

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