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Did Your Child Receive A “Fat Letter” From School Yet?


Did Your Child Receive A “Fat Letter” From School Yet?

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Did Your Child Receive A “Fat Letter” From School Yet?

Did Your Child Receive A “Fat Letter” From School Yet?

I was shocked to read a story on about 19 states that allowed elementary school students to be sent home with a letter to their parents warning that they may be obese. How did the schools come to this information? They calculated each child’s BMI.

What do the kids call the letters being sent home? Fat Letters.

I’m sad for our children. They are already in a world that can be cruel with bullying for being overweight but for being different. Now schools have taken it amongst themselves to have nutritionist (which by the way I’d love to know how they can afford them when many schools still don’t have adequate books).

We already have body conscious teens do we really need to start going in on our elementary school students? In all honesty, I think this is none of the school’s business. To do their part in the obesity “epidemic”, they need to give better food choices and offer more physical activities. The discussion of the child’s BMI should be one between the pediatrician and the parents.

The educators claim they are making parents aware but you know if you’re fat and you know if your child is chunky too. You do not just wake up one day and say “My God what happened to you.” Living in denial does not mean you’re living with blinders on. You know when you’re not eating healthy or living the best lifestyle.

To top this off, a California Preschool sent letters! That’s 2-5 year olds. Are we serious people? These schools do not even mention the fact that girls younger than 10 have done diets.

Did your child get a letter? How would you feel if they did? It takes a village to raise a child but the school is for educating my child, her doctor educates me on how to make sure she stays health. Stay in your lane schools!

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