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Plus Size Woman Celebrates Beauty By Sharing Naked Photos For 30 Days


Plus Size Woman Celebrates Beauty By Sharing Naked Photos For 30 Days

Plus Size Woman Celebrates Beauty By Sharing Naked Photos For 30 Days


What do you get when a 311 pound woman takes pictures of her nearly naked body and then posts those pictures on the internet for 30 days straight? You get the ‘Be Beautiful Project.”

Meet Denise Jolly.

With the help of friends, family and some very public images of herself, Denise solidified her belief that her plus size frame is something wonderful. She set out to dispel myths that she isn’t desirable and walked away feeling powerful and beautiful all in the name of love and possibility.


Denise came up with the idea of the “Be Beautiful Project” while walking through her neighborhood. In the Huffington Post she shared:

As I was walking I thought about my body and what it would look like to dare being brilliant, brave, magical and in love with my body. At first I wrote “be Vulnerable” across my stomach, then I realized seeing myself as beautiful is one of my greatest vulnerabilities so I wrote “BE BEAUTIFUL” across my stomach, snapped a photo, shared it and declared via social media that for 30 days I would redefine beauty.

For the next 30 days Denise traveled to some of her favorite public places with the words “Be Beautiful” written on her body. She then took photos of herself and shared them on social media.  Although she learned something new about herself, the process was far from easy.  Her decision to spark this project rested in her wanting to answer the question, “what sits on the other side of my body’s shame and joy?”


“For me, in order to understand what sits on the other side of body shame and body joy, I have to engage my internalized body shame and invite the possibilities of body joy,” shares Denise.

Spending hours a day seeing her half naked body helped her view others and herself with love. Now that her 30 days are up, Denise is hopeful that the “Be Beautiful Project” will do just as much for others as it has done for her. “My hope is that this project serves as an invitation for everyone to investigate their perceptions of beauty, in themselves and others,” said Denise Jolly.

What do you think of the 30 day “Be Beautiful Project”?

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