Plus Size News: Bloggers Discuss Fashion In Marie Claire Italia’s October 2013 Issue

Plus Size News: Bloggers Discuss Fashion In Marie Claire Italia’s October 2013 Issue 

Plus Size Bloggers Discuss Fashion In Marie Claire Italia's October 2013 Issue
Plus Size Bloggers Discuss Fashion In Marie Claire Italia’s October 2013 Issue

There is no limit to what unified plus size bloggers can do. I know that sounds a little kumbayaish, but it’s true, six women with curves are better than one. Want proof? Then check out this spread in Marie Claire Italia featuring plus size bloggers from various parts of the world.

Last month we reported that several plus size bloggers were invited to Milan by luxury brand Marina Rinaldi for their Women Are Back campaign. While declaring their staying power, these women were interviewed for the special fashion edition of Marie Claire Italia. In the feature each women talks about myths placed on plus size women, self-esteem and much more.

Here is a snippet from the article describing what the article discusses (thanks to Google translate):

Fighting for the right of all to be sexy and beautiful even than the small. The new muse of the web, chicks soft hard-line, give style tips and trigger sparks of self-esteem. And in a dress and a click you (and us) make the question of questions: why ‘millions of women still do not find anything nice to wear?

In the article, each woman gives some great pearls of wisdom as it relates to fashion and accepting your body.  “The first lesson to be learned is that the size is a state of mind. And like each other and a powerful weapon and highly contagious,” shared Marie Denee of The CurvyFashionista.

See what each woman had to say about plus size fashion:

“When I hear or read advice like” the girls in the flesh must use dark colors to narrow silhouette “I think perhaps there are women who do not care at all restrict it. Look thinner is not an achievement. It is an achievement when you like what you wear and I’ll create your look. ” ~ Georgina Horne,

“Every woman has a unique style, is the daughter of different parents and will appeal to a different man. We are unique because we have to find someone unique.” ~Plus Size Model Katya Zharkova

“The more bloggers means more readers, more shops, more ideas that enter the bloodstream and are oriented to high fashion.” ~Marie Denee (

“Open the blog has been a huge step, did the acceptance of my body. And the positive reactions of the people are the confirmation I needed. ” ~Tanesha Awasthi, (

“I’m stylist for ten years, I use my experience to teach to recreate runway looks in different sizes.”   ~Edith Dohmen (

“The important thing is to understand which parts are good to you, and create your own style. ”  ~Iris Tinunin (

Take a look at the images from the October 2013 issue of Marie Claire Italia.

What do you think of this spread? Do you agree with the ladies?

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