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Honoring Curvy Educators: Special Education Teacher, Travia Armstrong


Honoring Curvy Educators: Special Education Teacher, Travia Armstrong


Image Credit: Nominee’s Facebook Page

We love to see women celebrating who they are and their curves. We started the Curvy Educator spotlight to highlight those that not only love who they are but love what they do. They continue to inspire and uplift a new generation. Teachers are such an important part in the development of who we become, so we salute you and thank you for your submissions.

This is our second Educator Spotlight. This one came from her husband! Mikey Armstrong tells us about his admiration and love for his wife Travia Armstrong:

I’d like to nominate my wife Travia Armstrong for this category. Travia is a Special Education Teacher for Prince William County Public Schools in Northern VA. She teaches children who have Autism. In addition to being the most beautiful and caring woman I know, she is also a very dedicated teacher and she loves her students. Travia is entering her 4th year of teaching and her 6th year in the field of education. She holds a Master’s Degree in education from Regent University and is a licensed teacher in the state of Virginia.

Over the past 4 years I have watched my wife make a huge difference in the lives of her students and their parents. I’m always so impressed and just in awe of the things she teaches, the way she communicates with her students, and her love and compassion for each student and every child that she comes in contact with. Being a teacher, especially a Special Education Teacher is very hard work. Like all of us, she has her ups and downs at work, but she always says that “her babies” make it all worth it.

After spending many hours at work each day with her babies, she then comes home and takes care of our house and our three beautiful children. Our 10 year old daughter, and our twin boys who will turn 2 years old on August 28th. Day in and day out, I watch in amazement as she takes on the role of Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Teacher, and even Super Big Sister to her two younger sisters. I’d like to nominate my wife Travia Armstrong for your “Curvy Educators” segment because she is the most amazing woman and educator that I know. Not to mention, I LOVE each and every one of her curves.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful wife with us!

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