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A Hair Story: 3 Plus Size Models Share Their Hair Secrets


A Hair Story: 3 Plus Size Models Share Their Hair Secrets

Kori Spencer, Photographer:  McShmoogly Photography

Kori Spencer, Photographer: McShmoogly Photography

Kori Spencer

What are three words that you would use to describe your hair?

Sleek, classic, pixie

When you’re not modeling, how do you wear your hair?

When I’m not modeling is a great opportunity for my hair to just relax, regroup and rejuvenate. So I wear it natural. I basically let it grown out into its natural state. No relaxers or other chemicals. No heat from blow dryers or flat irons. I just gift ot a chance to breath.

What is your daily hair routine?

My daily hair routine starts the night before. I always tie my hair up with a silk scarf. I don’t wrap it, I just comb it into the stlye I want it. Whether my part is on the left or the right or sometimes no part. Then I use an oil sheen so it doesn’t dry out. I brush it into my hair and then wrap it. The next morning. It takes less the 5 minutes to get my hair ready. I take my scarf off. Run my fingers through certain ares. Like if I want a messy bang I just run my fingers through amd loosen them up. Then I brush it again to make sure nothing is sticking up and that’s it.

What’s your favorite thing about your hair?

My favorite thing about my hair is the ease of having short hair. When my hair was longer, I found that I had to do so much more with it to keep it looking healthy, styled and nice. With my short hair, I just feel so much more free to try different looks and I don’t have to worry so much about it. I feel myself with short hair. I feel confident and sexy with my hair short. When my hair was longer I also used to hide behind it. Long hair was associated with being pretty. Now with my short hair there’s definitely no hiding that can be done. I feel that my short hair has given me more confidence. I can’t hide behind it and everyone gets to see the real me. Which is such an amazing feeling.

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