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The Fashion Industry Shows No Love To Plus Size Women Or Women Of Color


The Fashion Industry Shows No Love To Plus Size Women Or Women Of Color

Plus Size Models Toccara Jones & Emme Joins Melissa Harris-Perry in a discussion on race and size diversity in fashion.  


Fashion is a billion dollar industry so every September fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts gather in NYC for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Whether you were in New York or following fashion bloggers on social media this week, it was difficult to escape the images of models on the catwalk and celebrities in the front row of your favorite designers runway show.

As popular as the topic of fashion is, the subjects of diversity and body image are equally controversial. When you put the three in the same conversation, you open the door to a conversation that affects billions of men and women worldwide.

This weekend MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry was joined by a “who’s who” in the fashion industry. Runway coach J. Alexander, plus size supermodels Emme and Toccara Jones and Essence E.I.C. Vanessa Bush were Perry’s Sunday panelists as they discussed diversity and body image issues related to the fashion industry.

During the discussion each panelist raised some very interesting points. However, the comment that resonated with me most was a transparent statement by Toccara Jones, “I get kind of scared. It is my business and then I talk about it and it’s like I’m talking against my business that I want to be in. I want you to cast me. I want you to put me in your runway shows. I want to be seen. But if I’m steady saying you’re not showing me, you’re not representing me then it’s turning them off because I’ve got a voice and I’m not afraid to say something.”

Some of you may not view Toccara as a plus size woman because she’s on the smaller side but I’m thankful that women like her and Emme aren’t afraid to use their voices to spark such a conversation.

Take a look at the discussion led by Melissa Harris-Perry and keep the conversation going.

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What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think this conversation needs to be discussed and why?

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