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2013 September Cover Model: Alex LaRosa

Cover Models

2013 September Cover Model: Alex LaRosa

2013 September Cover Model: Alex LaRosa,

2013 September Cover Model: Alex LaRosa,

Plus model Alex LaRosa is definitely a model on the rise. The California based model is positioning herself to take over the industry one campaign at a time. She’s worked with a number of companies including Swak Designs, Modcloth, Huudaverti, A Clothes Mind and Chic & Curvy Boutique. Since emerging as a plus size model four years ago, she’s also graced several runways including walking in Full Figured Fashion Week this year.

When she’s not modeling, she’s a studious diva, coming up with ways that she can she can bring awareness to a multitude of social justice issues.

This month we sat down with our cover model Alex LaRosa to find out how she got started as a model and how she plans to use her education in the plus size industry.

—————————————————Q&A—————————————————  What school do you attend and what types of classes are you taking up?

Alex LaRosa:  I go to Occidental College. It’s a small liberal arts college in Los Angeles. I’m majoring in Critical Theory and Social Justice and I have chosen to focus my studies around U.S. race relations and racial justice initiatives.  How do you juggle school and modeling?

Alex LaRosa:  Very carefully, haha! Both my education and my modeling career are extremely important to me. I do my very best to give them both the attention they deserve. That often means that I will skip going out or partying to insure that I’ll be more than prepared when I have to miss a class for a photo shoot. I have been very privileged to have several professors, a boss, and now an agent who support and encourage me to graduate and continue modeling. This definitely wouldn’t have been possible without a great support system!  Has modeling always been a goal of yours?

Alex LaRosa:  I’ve always been fascinated with photography! I used to love taking pictures. It wasn’t until I was in high school and I began shopping online that I started to consider modeling.  How do you plan on merging your passion for social justice issues and modeling? Do you think they contradict each or not?

Alex LaRosa:  That’s such a great question! I’m really interested in looking at the size and race discrimination that we see in the modeling world. Even though the plus industry is more inclusive than the straight sized fashion industry, there are still issues that are worth talking about. I plan to start and continue those conversations. I do not think that justice and modeling should contradict each other, but instead I believe that we can all do a better job of bringing accurate and diverse representations of people of all different sizes, shapes, races, genders, etc.  How did you get your start in modeling and what’s most rewarding for you?

Alex LaRosa:  I would always look at the women modeling online for these plus size companies. I thought it was so cool that these women were my size and considered models. I began to think that if they were able to be models, couldn’t I be a model too? I have always wanted to be someone who helps others. I have found that modeling has allowed me to do that! Building my modeling career has helped me learn to truly love and value myself; and in turn, modeling has taught me how to help others love and accept themselves too! Seeing men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences encouraged by my work to love and accept themselves has been so rewarding!  Whats the most beautiful thing about plus size women?

Alex LaRosa:  The most beautiful thing about plus size women is that we are all different! No one woman’s face, heart, curves, goals, skin, or mindset looks the same as anyone else! And yet, we are all so valuable. Diversity is so beautiful!  You’ve been photographed for a number of campaigns and you walked in fashion shows. Do you prefer one over the other?

Alex LaRosa:  I don’t think that I do, haha. I value them in different ways though! I love the freedom of expression that comes with shooting campaigns! Moving in front of a camera is ridiculously fun! At the same time, the adrenaline and rush of walking the runway is probably one of my favorite feelings! Knowing that everyone’s eyes are on you as you strike your pose at the end of the runway makes my heart skip a beat!  What are you currently working on?

Alex LaRosa:  Lots! I’m excited to announce that I very recently signed with IPM Model Management, so I am in the process of test shooting and building my portfolio! I’m looking forward to walking in this year’s POSH Fashion Show as part of LA Fashion Week! 


Photo Credits: 
  • Photographer: Mercy D. Perkins of Merciful Photography
  • Hair:  Marla Wallace of Hair Control Studio
  • Mua: Lyrica Wafer of Makeup By Lyrie
  • Wardrobe Provided by: Chic and Curvy Boutique
  • Wardrobe Stylist: Jay Jones
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