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6 Weird But True Beauty Tips You Should Know!


6 Weird But True Beauty Tips You Should Know!

6 Weird But True Beauty Tips You Should Know!

By: Neon Pink Magazine

Editor’s Note: Beauty routines are a personal preference.  What works for some may not work for others but that is what adds to the mystery of beauty secrets.  When I saw this article on weird beauty secrets, I knew that we had to share it with you.


Toilet Seat Cover: Yeah I know it sounds weird and a bit disgusting but using a toilet seat cover is the equivalent to using blotting tissue for your oily moments without messing up your makeup!

Your Finger is Your Best Tool: Who says you have to use the right angled brush, eye wand and blah blah blah…your finger has natural grooves that can do wonders when you’re in a rush for time.

Rinse and Blot: Not into washing your face after you take off your makeup every night? Well a tip that I have used for years is to just rinse and blot. I start by taking off all makeup with my makeup remover towelettes, I rinse with lukewarm water, blot dry with face towel and I’m good to hit the sak. This is a tip that needs to be exercised daily regardless if you have makeup on or not. Your skin needs to be hydrated to keep it gleaming and fresh!

Face Exercise: Looking at that profile of yourself dreading that hint of a double chin? Well! There’s a cure, face exercising can get those cheeks perky and that chin sculpted to perfection. Try it out!

Go Pillowless: Just got that new do did? Push all your pillows to the side to make room for a good night sleep and a preserved hairstyle. And you wonder why your head wrap is across the room the next morning…it’s the pillows!

If All Else Fails Resort To Lip and Eye: Whenever I’m in a rush I always resort to one of my top beauty rules, “Lip & Eye Will Get The Guy.” This just means that the focus point on your face is always the lips and eyes. Making sure that these two things are done in some type of way is important! When I’m pressed for time I just groom my eyebrows, apply mascara and a little bit of lippy and I’m out the door.

Do you have a weird beauty tip that you would like to share?



  1. Allen Grag

    September 5, 2013 at 7:28 am

    These beauty tips are truly weired even using toilet paper for getting beauty is quite not digestible. But, I am also use some time finger as a tool for beauty.

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