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Plus Size Fashion Trend: Crop Top Crazy For Your Curves


Plus Size Fashion Trend: Crop Top Crazy For Your Curves

Plus Size Fashion Trend:  Crop Top Crazy For Your Curves

Plus Size Crop Tops

Plus Size Crop Tops

I used to wear a green cable knit crop top years ago, like all the time. I typically wore it with baggy jeans and in an unassuming sexy way.  It was worn like an accent piece to an outfit, never the focal point. Now, crop top ensembles are far from unassuming.  They are sexy, deliberate and fierce!  Here are a few of my favorite crop tops for your curves.

The “Nina Crop Top” from Rue 107 is TOO DIE FOR.. I love, love, love this look. When you think of beige, black and white you don’t think of fun, exactly the opposite come to mind.  Rue 107 have somehow found a way to make these muted colors vibrant and full of fire!

"Nina Crop Top" from Rue 107

“Nina Crop Top” from Rue 107

This “Can’t Decode Me Aztec Crop Top” from Fashion to Figure is a must have. It’s now on sale for $10 so you really can’t afford not to get it!

Aztec Crop from Fashion to Figure

“Can’t Decode Me Aztec Crop Top” from Fashion to Figure

For the more daring at heart, this beautiful “Crop Bustier” from JIBRI takes the crop top to another level.  Jibri wins every season with trendy pieces that are always vibrant!

 "Crop Bustier" from JIBRI

“Crop Bustier” from JIBRI

I am really feeling the crop top phase. I may have to dust off my old green cable knit crop for old time sake!

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