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Plus Size Influencer: An Interview With Nicki Lynch, Founder & President Of PLUS Positive Organization


Plus Size Influencer: An Interview With Nicki Lynch, Founder & President Of PLUS Positive Organization


Plus Size Influencer: An Interview With Nicki Lynch, Founder & President Of PLUS Positive Organization

With a vision to start a non-profit organization that would service both plus sized men and women, Nicki Lynch gave birth to her dream by starting PLUS Positive (PLUS+) on May 22, 2013.  As the Founder and President of PLUS+, Nicki Lynch is passionate about empowering plus size men and women globally, to impact their local communities.

With the launch party for PLUS+ just days away,  Nicki Lynch was kind enough to take a break from her busy schedule and share her vision for PLUS+ with

——————————————Q&A——————————————  How does one go from owning her own web design firm to becoming the President & Founder of PLUS+, a non profit organization?

Nicki Lynch:  I’m really big about following your passion. When I left Corporate America 10 years ago to focus on my web design firm, I did so because I was passionate about helping small businesses to have the same competitive edge online, as the larger corporations. Back then, there weren’t many web designers serving entrepreneurs who were just starting out and trying to build their businesses. I decided to launch a web design firm that would offer affordable solutions for online promotions.

Since then, I have grown and my interests and passions have changed. I have become VERY passionate about helping plus size men, women, and our communities. I also am very passionate about promoting size diversity in the fashion & entertainment industries. Staying true to form, I sold my web design business and set out to pursue my passions and build PLUS+.  Your launch party is coming up. What type of feedback have you received so far?

Nicki Lynch:  Feedback has been great! Initially I was concerned that people wouldn’t get the concept of a nonprofit specifically for plus size men and women. However, between the celebrities, businesses, volunteers, media outlets, and numerous people planning to attend, I couldn’t be more encouraged for what is to come.  What makes PLUS+ stand out?

Nicki Lynch:  There are so many attributes that makes PLUS+ stand out. One of the first is the fact that we service both men and women. There are many “member- based” organizations that tend to only service women. We have not found many that service men.

Second, we are not a member based organization, therefore we do not charge people to join us and help fulfill the mission. Our costs are covered by donations, sponsoring corporations and government grants. Therefore anyone can apply to become a Proxy / Volunteer for free.

Third, we place great emphasis on providing education, and expanding opportunities for plus size men and women in fashion, film, television, theater, and music. We partner with existing companies, schools, and industry experts to provide workshops, classes, and insight on what it will take to succeed in such discriminating industries. We encourage people to pursue their passions regardless of their size.  How do you balance being a wife and a business woman?

Nicki Lynch:  Balancing work and home life used to be a great challenge for me especially while I was single. My favorite line was “I put 110% in everything I do”. However, I had a mentor tell me once, “If you put 100% in any 1 given thing, then when do you have time and effort for anything else? Prioritize your life, and then give according to the priority.”

Now, I look at my priorities and I make sure that each day I have time for those things that matter most to me. Second to my relationship with God, my relationship with my husband is my number one priority. Then I also give priority to my health, and our businesses. Everything and everyone else can have what’s left.  What would our readers be surprised to know about you?

Nicki Lynch:  Wow this is a great question! There is so much I could say! First thing that comes to mind is the fact that despite any accomplishments you may see in my life, I also struggled with overcoming the MANY reasons why I was NOT qualified to start an organization such as PLUS+. I had a list as long as you could imagine of insecurities, that kept me from stepping out on faith. I had been sitting on this idea for over 2 years before I finally launched the organization.

I know first hand how hard it is to overcome those mental and emotional challenges and fears. Yet I also thank God that as I finally said Yes, He has had my back the entire way and the proof is in PLUS+!

PLUS Positive (PLUS+)

PLUS Positive (PLUS+)

For details and to purchase tickets to the launch party for PLUS+ visit or

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