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2013 August Cover Model: Cara Scott

Cover Models

2013 August Cover Model: Cara Scott

2013 August Cover Model: Cara Scott

2013 August Cover Model: Cara Scott

There’s so much to say about our August 2013 cover model Cara Scott. I remember meeting Cara for the first time in Detroit, MI at the International Fuller Woman Expo in 2011. Cara was one of the models walking in the Curves In Motion fashion showcase. During our conversation I was instantly impressed with her enthusiasm, respect for the industry and her knowledge of who the key players in the plus size community were. It was evident to me that Cara was a humble, aspiring plus size petite model who wanted to learn anything she could about the industry.

Fast forward two years and she’s no longer an unfamiliar face. This 5’5” beauty has graced the pages of a number of plus size magazines as well as modeled for various designers across the country.

We sat down with Cara to chat about her journey, her personal motto, her support system and what keeps her focused.

————————————————-Q&A————————————————-  In addition to being a plus size model on the rise, you’re also a trained opera singer. Why did you decide to go in the direction of modeling versus singing?

Cara Scott:  Modeling was something I had always wanted to do but I did not have the time. I took a brief break from singing and my aunt saw a casting call on T.V. looking for plus size models and encouraged me to go. I brushed it off. With that in mind, a few weeks later I decided to enter a model search that I saw on Facebook. After winning second place I figured, hmm this might be pretty cool. I did some test shoots here and there but nothing seemed to evolve. I developed a great passion for modeling. I did a great deal of research and studied varied and numerous types of modeling; not just plus modeling.

I have always had the passion for couture and high fashion modeling because of all the costumes I would wear for different operas I was in. Prior to modeling, I would study different couturiers to find out what were the inspirations behind the costumes. Following an evaluation of my modeling options, I was privy to receive creative direction which pointed out a massive dearth in a niche for plus modeling which is the couture side. I am fortunate at this stage to be surrounded by the best talent and creative minds who have boundless capabilities and a willingness to see me succeed.  On your website the tagline is “Never Compromise, Always Be Yourself”. What does that mean to you and how do you use that in your everyday life?

Cara Scott:  When I was growing up I tried to fit in so badly and it made me a very unhappy person. When I decided to not compromise who I was to make everyone around me happy is when I started living and developing into the person I am today. I am not going to lie, I have had moments when I was afraid to really express who I was. For example, when I first started modeling I tried so hard to be just like the models I looked up to, and that was a crucial mistake…so much so that I was starting to dislike modeling. Then a moment of clarity made me realize I needed to use modeling as an artistic outlet and a mode of my own self-expression, then and only then, did modeling become enjoyable. Most importantly, it showed in my photos.  Last year you moved from Florida to New York. What led to that decision?

Cara Scott:  Well it was a no brainer, not only was the Metropolitan Opera here, New York is the fashion capital. I am able to do both things I have a great passion for and be around people that have the same drive that I do.  What type of positive impact has modeling had on Cara Scott (the woman)?

Cara Scott:  Modeling has helped me mature and be more business minded. You are your own business. I have learned how to build my brand and that you cannot say yes to everything. Quality over quantity.  You’ve modeled in a number of fashion shows and for plus size magazines. Have you ever doubted yourself and thought about giving up?

Cara Scott:  Of course! Many times! I am 5’5 and a size 18/20 which is not within the usual requirements for modeling. I do not let that hold me back. My family and creative team keeps me going, they help me to remember the reason why I am doing this. This is to show the world that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, plus models should not be excluded from any part of the fashion industry.  We all need a support group to lean on when things aren’t going as we’ve planned. Who is your support group and how do they keep you lifted in this competitive industry?

Cara Scott:  My Mother (‘Momager’ lol) and my creative team (Pamela Wood, The Skinny Billionairess and Allison LaCour, LaCour Beauty). It’s difficult to face rejection but they are always there with a word of encouragement. I can always depend on them to be there for me whenever my hope levels take a dip.  What’s next for you? Where would like this journey to take you?

Cara Scott:  Many things, thank God! I would like to open doors for not only plus models but designers in the industry to not be excluded in couture/high fashion. I hope this journey helps me create more opportunities for size, height and race diversity.

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Cover Image Credits:

  • Photographer: Jodi Jones, (
  • Creative Director/Designer/Stylist: Pamela Wood/The Skinny Billionairess, (
  • MUA/Hair: Lori Espisito
  • Nails: Gerry Holdfold
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